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The Delivery Slip for a Phantom Set of Phantom Sets of Phantom Sets should break down all phantom sets. Because, Phantom Sets are never stocked. Currently (2014-01-30), v7 and trunk only break down the first level of the phantom set.

If a phantom appears on a delivery slip then the person putting together the package will be lost. This is based on the principle that a phantom set is never stocked or manufactured.

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Expected behaviour:
- For each item in the Delivery Slip, if the item is a phantom set, replace the item with its components.
- Repeat previous step until there are no phantom sets.
- Sort all items. Combine the quantity of all identical products. (so that the picker doesn't have to go back and forth returning many times to the same product's bin every time it is a component in a BOM).

Result: All phantom sets are broken apart. Only items left are products with a normal BOM or products without a BOM. These are all the items truly in stock.

Question: Is there something I can do as an OpenERP user and administrator (settings, modules, ...) to fix this or should I report a bug? As it stands, OpenERP cannot deliver nested phantom sets.

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Gilles Lehoux (q-gilles-a) said :

Some more info.

OpenERP v7, 2014-01-30.
Yes: Generate invoices based on the sales order lines
No: Generate invoices after and based on delivery orders
Yes: Trigger delivery orders automatically from sales orders

Top Level Product: Consumable, Make to stock, Supply by Manufacture, Auto Picking Yes, Phantom Set. This product appears on the Sales Order.

2nd level Product: Consumable, Make to Stock, Supply by Manufacture, Auto Picking Yes. Phantom Set.

3rd level product: Consumable, Make to Stock, Supply by Buy, Auto Picking, No BOM.

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Gilles Lehoux (q-gilles-a) said :

I have found the answer here.

The only step missing is to simplify the delivery slip as follows:
1) Combine the quantities of identical products
2) Sort by location

This will greatly help the job of the guy using the delivery slip.

At the very least, a sort by product would avoid going back and forth to the same location as you down the list.