make to order with an orderpoint generates duplicate purchase requests

Asked by Alan Bell

I set up a product that is make to order, with supply method buy.
I set up the supplier for the product
I set an orderpoint of zero
I then placed and confirmed a sales order for the product
then I ran the scheduler.

This created a purchase Quotation with source document of the order, and a further purchase quotation with source document of the order point. This means two are ordered, but I only need one.

If I don't set up the order point but run the scheduler with the automatic orderpoint checkbox ticked then it also creates the duplicate purchase documents.

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Alan Bell
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Amit Parik (amit-parik) said :

Hello Alan,

I have completely read your both of test case but you made a configuration mistake on your both of the case that's why you will get this kind of result . Let me explain here.

There are many questions on OpenERP regarding the scheduler and procurement, Here I am going to explain you how it will works.

*When our products Procurement method is "Make to Order" then we don't have to care about the stock, It will automatic generate the Purchase order same as sale orders quantity (When Supplier assigned on product form).

*When its Make to Stock then We always take care about the stock and we have to define a minimum stock rule for that. If we don't have enough stock then we must assign a minimum stock rule for that according to this rule it will creates a quotation (purchase order)

*Scheduler: When you run the scheduler then it will run your all minimum stock rule(order point)
*Scheduler with automatic orderpoint : It will run your all minimum stock rule(order point) as well as set all products virtual stock will be 0.0 (either it is make to order or make to stock also doesn't matter minimum order rule is there or not ).

Now comes to your 1st scenario. When you are using the make to order then we don't manage our stock, So no need to define order rule for this product. Here you are setting a order point, So when you confirm the sale order then procurement will create for your product and your virtual stock goes into below 0.0. And you have set the order point for the same product. So when you run the scheduler it will run the procurement created from the sales order as well as order point that's why, you can see two RFQ for this.

2nd scenario: Here your didn't define the order point but you are running the scheduler with automatic orderpoint, now as per the concept of automatic order point , It will also create two RFQ ... let see .... how?
As we know when we confirm the our sales order it will create a procurement order as well as our virtual stock is below 0.0. Then you try to run the scheduler with automatic orderpoint, So 1st RFQ from the procurement and 2nd for satisfy the virtual stock set to 0.0 quantity . That's why you will be see the 2RFQ on this scenario also. The idea behind this is, If the stock of a product is under 0, it will act like an orderpoint

Important thing, We have already put the help on..... automatic orderpoint which is "Triggers an automatic procurement for all products that have a virtual stock under 0. You should not probably use this option, we suggest using a M2O configuration of the product".

So your both the configuration is wrong, you don't have to create a orderpoint rule for M2O product as well as you don't have to run the scheduler with automatic orderpoint.

Finally your configuration should be like this.
Product(stockable or consumable) >M2O Buy> Define the supplier.
Create quote, Confirm the sale order(quotation).
Either run the procurement or scheduler.

So this is not a bug rather a configuration questions, So I am converting this into question.

Hope this will help.

Thank you!

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Alan Bell (alanbell) said :

that is great, thanks very much

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