Fetchmail from catch all throw:No possible route found

Asked by electro

Dear All,

Why Fetchmail throws (instead go on next message) when fetching an invalid alias from a catchall email account ?

I've configured an incoming mail server over a catch all account on my server (eg <email address hidden>) and all is working fine for <email address hidden> and other exiting aliases.

But if fetchmail will found some destination address (eg. <email address hidden>) that isn't an OpenERP alias, fetchmail will fails, throws an exception and stop fetching with following error:

AssertionError: No possible route found for incoming message from <email address hidden> to <email address hidden>... Create an appropriate mail.alias or force the destination model.

Ok "dummy" isn't a valid OpenERP alias so I can understand that fetchmail can't deliver email for not existent alias but it should advance in fetching next email in the catchall inbox.

As you know if you have a catch all email account you will have a lot of "dummy" emails so throwing exception and stop fetching may be isnt' a good strategy.

thank you in advance if someone would reply this

here full log from error:

2013-05-28 16:27:31,333 41756 ERROR openerp.addons.fetchmail.fetchmail: Failed to fetch mail from server CatchAll on mydomain.com.
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/openerp/lp/openerp/openerp/addons/fetchmail/fetchmail.py", line 205, in fetch_mail context=context)
  File "/home/openerp/lp/openerp/openerp/addons/mail/mail_thread.py", line 638, in message_process context=context)
  File "/home/openerp/lp/openerp/openerp/addons/mail/mail_thread.py", line 565, in message_route
    "Create an appropriate mail.alias or force the destination model." % (email_from, email_to, message_id)

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Juanjo Algaz (jalgaz) said :

+1, this is a important problem, and break the functionality of mail system

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electro (electro1) said :

As is stated in the related bug, configuring the account as IMAP could be a temporary workaround. It's no so fine but it's working.

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