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Asked by Diogo Duarte on 2013-03-25


I noticed that BOM revision control was removed. Can someone tell me why? There are a lot of custommers that have a big line of products and making a change to the BOM implies controling that change to mantain tracebility of the products. So, are there any plans to create a workaround or there is already another way to solve this problem?

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Your best option is probably to revive this as a community addon, by getting the code from v6.1 and porting it to v7.

Diogo Duarte (diogoduarte) said : #2

Yes Alexander,

That would be my last option. But anyway i'm curious to know the reason why it was removed?

Probably because someone in Belgium thought that noone was using this, and made a bold step of breaking backwards compatibility.

Unfortunately the Release Notes list the removed modules, but not the removed models or functionalities ( which makes it hard to notice such removals until you stumble upon them.

This is the most official-looking information I got when I asked for information about the schema changes in the upcoming v7 last autumn:

In short, all you need is available in bzr.

Digging in bzr, I found:

    revno: 7322.2.6 [merge]
    committer: Jigar Amin - OpenERP <email address hidden>
    branch nick: trunk-addons7
    timestamp: Fri 2012-08-31 11:35:53 +0530
      [IMP] removed the Revision MOdel and Revision field from BoM and Added Chatter in place.
      Merge lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/trunk-addons7-bom-aja
        revno: 7322.6.1
        committer: ajay javiya (OpenERP) <email address hidden>
        branch nick: trunk-addons7-bom-aja
        timestamp: Fri 2012-08-31 10:30:28 +0530
          [REM]Remove mrp_bom_revision

So, this seems to indicate that you are supposed to use the Chatter services where you used to have record.

Diogo Duarte (diogoduarte) said : #4

Thanks Alexander:

I saw that merge info and even copied the diff.
You answer enlightened my doudts! Hope someone elseis following this Q&A.

Greetings from Portugal.