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Asked by Diogo Duarte


I noticed that BOM revision control was removed. Can someone tell me why? There are a lot of custommers that have a big line of products and making a change to the BOM implies controling that change to mantain tracebility of the products. So, are there any plans to create a workaround or there is already another way to solve this problem?

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Alexandre Fayolle - camptocamp (alexandre-fayolle-c2c) said :

Your best option is probably to revive this as a community addon, by getting the code from v6.1 and porting it to v7.

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Diogo Duarte (diogoduarte) said :

Yes Alexander,

That would be my last option. But anyway i'm curious to know the reason why it was removed?

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Alexandre Fayolle - camptocamp (alexandre-fayolle-c2c) said :

Probably because someone in Belgium thought that noone was using this, and made a bold step of breaking backwards compatibility.

Unfortunately the Release Notes list the removed modules, but not the removed models or functionalities ( which makes it hard to notice such removals until you stumble upon them.

This is the most official-looking information I got when I asked for information about the schema changes in the upcoming v7 last autumn:

In short, all you need is available in bzr.

Digging in bzr, I found:

    revno: 7322.2.6 [merge]
    committer: Jigar Amin - OpenERP <email address hidden>
    branch nick: trunk-addons7
    timestamp: Fri 2012-08-31 11:35:53 +0530
      [IMP] removed the Revision MOdel and Revision field from BoM and Added Chatter in place.
      Merge lp:~openerp-dev/openobject-addons/trunk-addons7-bom-aja
        revno: 7322.6.1
        committer: ajay javiya (OpenERP) <email address hidden>
        branch nick: trunk-addons7-bom-aja
        timestamp: Fri 2012-08-31 10:30:28 +0530
          [REM]Remove mrp_bom_revision

So, this seems to indicate that you are supposed to use the Chatter services where you used to have record.

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Diogo Duarte (diogoduarte) said :

Thanks Alexander:

I saw that merge info and even copied the diff.
You answer enlightened my doudts! Hope someone elseis following this Q&A.

Greetings from Portugal.