[7.0] sale order: action_cancel_draft does not exist

Asked by Stephane SALAH on 2013-01-31


the button and the action action_cancel_draft does not exist on V 7.0.

On 6.1 we could back to draft a sale order in cancel test.

Is it possible to put it back?



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Hello Stephane,

In 6.1 we had action_cancel_draft feature. Due to that feature user could able to cancel confirm sale order and set it again to draft state.

But currently, In V7.0 We have improved that behavior in sale order. As I have shown in my attached video, that when you want to cancel your confirm sale order , for that firstly you must have to delete all delivery entries , which is attached with your sale order then after you will be able to cancel sale order and can create new draft quotation.

We have totally remove that action action_cancel_draft from the sale module. So, I am converting it to question.

I hope you understand..

Thank you..

Stephane SALAH (stephanesalah) said : #2

Ok i undertand what you say.

but in your method, ths must pas by affect a new sale order to the customer.

In 6.1 we had posibility to cancel a sale (after cancel invoice and logistic picking) and bacj to draft mode.

In draft mode we had possibility to alter the sale order and confirm it with the SAME order number.

i thnik its not possible in 7.0. So for my customer its a regression on his organisation mode.

6.1 behavior was more flexible.

Actually we are changing 7.0 behavior back to the 6.1 one because we need somehow to be able to cancel a SO (and keep the same id) for which no goods have been sent out.

Best Ferdinand (office-chricar) said : #4

please see

it is an every day issue that users make "mistakes" and want to change something (as long as it is "allowed")

I agree with Eric Caudal: being able to do this is of vital importance for things such as the magento openerp connector.

Stephane SALAH (stephanesalah) said : #6

Thanks Ferdinand @ Camptocamp, that solved my question.