(7.0) Business Process Bug (Quotation to Sales Order)

Asked by Landis on 2013-01-31

Looking today at the process of creating a Quotation, then having it be accepted to migrate to a Sales Order.

We have extensively used Quotations and the purpose of a Quotation is to make a proposal, then modify it before it becomes a Sales Order. I could not find a way to modify something on the Detail of the Quotation before conversion.

For instance, a 20% discount could not be modified up or down. More Items could not be added.

The way this should happen is there should be a Quotation#-b to indicate a modification. Furthermore, this type of work needs to be fast and efficient.

This issue is big enough that it could keep us from going down the road of implementation. I will explore more. Perhaps there is a Module to recify this.

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Hello Landis,

I have tested issue but have not found any problem in editing the quotation. For more I have attached the video. It can be possible that you may not clicked the 'Edit' button or you are not in 'Draft' state.

If we click on 'Confirm Sale' button then it will generate the Sale Order, and after that you are not able to edit the quotation.


This looks very similar to lp:1110465, for which a fix has been proposed. Waiting for a merge in 7.0.

Landis (larnold) said : #3

Ok, So whe we were testing this we had clicked "confirm order" then tried to modify the order.

If saved in Draft Mode (where I assume it does not allocate any product) we can still edit the order and the interface works well.

I do not understand however, no matter, why the order cannot be modified before being converted to an actual Invoice. The Invoice is the binding document with the customer.

It is possible we had use the "validate" order as shown in lp:1110465 (link above).

It is critical to be able to have an order effect allocations but still be modifiable. Perhaps a DRAFT effects allocations as well (in our Parlance, Quotations do not effect allocations and they cannot be Shipped from until converted into a Sales Order. A Sales Order can be modified (like a quotation) and each modification is noted by SO#-A SO#-B etc. Quotation and SO Numbers are actually the same and are just variations of the same Data Type.

I appreciate the quick feedback on this.

Ferdinand (office-chricar) said : #4

you may be interested in these modules (working well in 6.1, not well tested in 7.0 yet

It is a day2day requirement to "change" confirmed documents - as long this is logically "possible".
for example - no change of Sale Order if picking is already confirmed.

the logic behind is quite complex - but is designed to fullfill accounting requirements (no deletion of confirmed records)


Landis (larnold) said : #5

(REQUEST TO MOVE BACK TO BUGS ... (related to Quotation process and Calculation READ on)

The process has large circles where there could be straighter lines. I see that the creation of a Sales Order is quite directly linked to the Delivery Order and/or Manufacturing Order process.

This LED me to a Different BUG that has to do with either how standard UNIT is defined or how SO reacts to the variation DOZENS

These screen clips show a difficulty in selling. If you are on the phone with a customer and updating the line items of a quotation, you do not see any impact on pricing until you Save the Order (see #1 and #2). Moreover, Screen Clip #3 shows that the Quotation has no impact on Allocations (Item shows 10 in stock and available).

Screen Clip 1

Screen Clip 2

Screen Clip 3

Screen Clip 4 is more problematiic. I chose "Test Product" and selected "dozen" for Units. What this did is change the Price to 12, but kept the Units at 1, rather than creating 12 Units on the order keeping the price at 1.00. Also note, that there is no calculation of new extended order price prior to Saving. (Sreen Set of Repeat of this action is at Bottom Set of this Comment)

Screen Clip 4

The result of Which, only 3 Items are Allocated, rather than what should be 14 by now. Unhappy customer having the price raised by a factor of 12 if shipped unchecked. Checking While the ORDER is being EDITED should lower this DANGER.

Screen Clip 5

This is the Order as it stands. Which I will now need to cancel both the Delivery Order and the Sales Order for, then Duplicate my now Cancelled Quotation.

Screen Clip 6


OK, Duplicated Quotation, went in to Edit, Watch what happens when I change my "units" to dozens.

Screen Clip 7

Screen Clip 8

Screen Clip 9

Best Ferdinand (office-chricar) said : #7

you may also look into

it shows qty per location and lot etc in the drop down list

Landis (larnold) said : #8

Thanks Ferdinand @ Camptocamp, that solved my question.