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Asked by Thusitha Jayawickrama on 2013-01-11

I want to add employees to the project. Not the users. One system user will update the related task innformation. In the project create form it allows you to add only users. In our scenario we need to allocate one project manager and different company employees with different tasks. In OpenERP 7 we need to configure this.

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BrowseInfo (browseinfo-in) said : #1


To add employe in project instead of users.

There is a m2m filed 'members'

'members': fields.many2many('res.partner', 'project_user_rel', 'project_id', 'uid', 'Project Members',
            help="Project's members are users who can have an access to the tasks related to this project.", states={'close':[('readonly',True)], 'cancelled':[('readonly',True)]}),

you can change it to res.partner instead of res.users.



Its better to add a field, rather than changing the model.

You may disable the current field if not needed.


Landis (larnold) said : #3

Just found this post.

I actually want to do the standard of "adding users" to projects and being able to have the users assign tasks to other users.

What I have found is that Logged in as admin, Admin can assign other users to follow a project and also assign tasks.

However I cannot find the way to give the users those ACL Keys.

Right now this is a very simple setup.

user1 (me)
user2 (my wife)

I am expecting this is an ACL issue but I just installed V 7.0 and there seems to be ZERO documentation on most of the system implementation.

Landis (larnold) said : #4

OK, I think I found how to get what is needed.

Though almost all User Settings are "promoted" as far as I can see, the Sharing setting needs to be set to "BLANK" on user ACL rights.

If set to "USER" then one can only see themself in the "assign followers" and perhaps also the "assign tasks" modes of Project.

I expect this has other ramifications as well.

Landis (larnold) said : #5

The the user (1) was set as Employee, or had been toggled to employee setting in HR. As such assinments could not be made. I definitely recall setting high level Status accross the board but this morning, this solved several problems with the ability to actually "save" settings, contacts, contact changes etc.

Regarding Sharing notes directly above: Reset Sharing back to User, all is working now.

One would hope there are ways to empower employees without redoing the full permissions matrix. My settings were As High as possible plus "Employee" rather than "officer or manager" in HR.

Landis (larnold) said : #6

Evidently a LAG. Now USER 1 (me) Cannot see other USERS in Projects or Save in General settings. SO BACK TO WHERE I STARTED. Cannot See other USERS in Settings either.

Very difficult NEXUS on this.


(when all turned off, generally normal behavior returns. I can see other users. I can see other Contacts and Customers.

I cannot however, Save in General Settings agiain (this will be cross posted to a related bug report)

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