[6.1]Full text search in wiki (Knowledge Management)?

Asked by Patrick Schmucki on 2012-12-30

We can search for 'Title', 'Wiki Group', 'Keywords', 'Last Contributor', 'Modification Date'.
But how can we search for TEXT inside the wiki pages, like it works on Wikipedia?

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You can search the text by adding an advanced filter on the Content field.

You are right! Thank you very much.

Step by step:
1.) Click in the field with the grey 'Filters' text inside
2.) Choose 'Add Advanced Filter'
3.) Click in the field where 'Author' is visible
4.) Choose Content

Now we can enter any word or even parts of a word in the empty (third) Advanced Filter search field.
This search seems not to be case sensitive.

@Stefan Rijnhart:
Do you know how I could replace the existing search field "Last Contributor" with "Content"?

I found a solution to replace an existing search field (like "Last Contributor") with "Content".

What you have to do first:
a) Activate the developer mode (Click on the "i"-Button for 'About' in the upper right corner of the web client, left from "Logout")
b) Change the interface to 'Extended' (Click on the Preferences-Button, also in the upper right corner of the web client)
---> without step b) you can't see the necessary additional menu options!

1.) Click on "Settings" (middle of the screen), "Customization" (left side), "User Interface", "Views"
2.) Enter 'wiki' in the View name field and press Enter (you get about 8 entries)
3.) Click on the entry "wiki.wiki.search"
4.) Press the Duplicate Button
5.) Change the View name to something like wiki.wiki.searchMyView
6.) In the Architecture section (blue background color) you can add the following line
 <field name="text_area"/>
   replacing the existing line
 <field name="write_uid"/>
7.) If you don't use the search field 'Modification date' you could delete the line
 <field name="write_date"/>
8.) Press the Save-Button

Now we have to tell the Wiki module to use our new Search view:
9.) Click on "Knowledge" (middle of the screen), then "Wiki Pages" (left side)
10.) Thanks to the activated developer mode, you should see an additional small button following the "Search:Wiki Pages" title. Click on this button and choose "Edit Action"
11.) Click into the field 'Search View Ref.' and delete the last character 'h' from the existing 'wiki.wiki.search'
12.) You should get a list with entries, starting with 'wiki.wiki.searc'. Choose your own 'wiki.wiki.searchMyView'.
13.) Press the (red) Save Button.
14.) Close the "Edit Action" window (click the X on the upper right corner of this popup window)
15.) Click again on "Wiki Pages" (left side) to refresh the view.

You should see now your own modified search fields, including the full text search possibility, called "Content".