I try to install a module and I get a missing 'zbar' message!?

Asked by Zoltan Somogyi on 2012-11-22

I try to install a module and I get the following errors (v6.1, last versions...):

1. "Error Unable to install module "xyz" because an external dependency is not met: No module named zbar"

2. "Error Unable to install module "xyz" because an external dependency is not met: No module named elaphe"

3. "ValidateErrorError occurred while validating the field(s) arch: Invalid XML for View Architecture!". Why I get this error?"

Thank you for any help!

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Would you please clarify which module are you trying to install?

It seems you are trying to install a module related to barcoding (like training).

1. Run this command into your terminal:
sudo apt-get install python-zbar

2. Follow http://pypi.python.org/pypi/elaphe/0.5.3 for installation.

3. This says that the module is using wrong tags in xml.

Please give more information.

Serpent Consulting Services.

Zoltan Somogyi (zsomogyi-be) said : #2


Thank you for your answer!

Can you please tell me how to do this in Windows (not Linux)? Can I just copy from somewhere the right files to somewhere under my OpenERP server (zbar and elaphe)?

Yes I am trying to install and test the 'Training' module but it is even not installing well... and there is also no documentation.


For windows, you have to install relevant libraries in executable mode.

No pure idea and comments about training module, but if you are looking for an education portal, we are making a portal underway.


Zoltan Somogyi (zsomogyi-be) said : #4


Education portal, interesting! Let me know when you are ready. Is this a module for OpenERP or stand alone? I am looking for a solution to manager trainings (subscription, event management, exam, etc.) preferably in OpenERP.

Do you know where to find the libraries (zbar and elaphe) in executable mode?

Thank you,


Sure, the whole community will be informed.

http://pypi.python.org/pypi/elaphe/0.5.3#downloads and http://pypi.python.org/pypi/zbar#downloads

Elaphe does not seem to have one, you have to do that pythonic way!


Zoltan Somogyi (zsomogyi-be) said : #6


Thank you but it is still a bit of a chaos for me because those libraries are in C (or in dll form under Windows) but we need Pyhon (.py) for OpenERP... I do not really understand what to do with them... !?

Thank you,


Look at the server/lib folder of OpenERP where you will see compiled libraries of diff py packages.

If there is no compatible file for windows, then we have to think of an alternate.

I am not against windows, but OpenERP fits the best while using ubuntu due to various technical reasons.


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