How to assign pricelist in OpenErp 6.1

Asked by Hivesh Ramkorun on 2012-10-23

Pricelist in OpenErp 6.1
Vouchers in OpenErp 6.1

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Ray Carnes
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Hivesh Ramkorun (hiv22) said : #1

Well, what am trying to tell you is that in my OpenErp version 6.1, there is no pricelist menu when i go to Sales > Configuration >

Best Ray Carnes (rcarnes) said : #2

Do you have the Extended interface active for the user who is logged in?

Click the Preferences button in the top right corner of the screen (in between the house and information icons) and make sure 'Extended' is selected under 'Interface' instead of 'Simple'.

Hello Hivesh,

I have analysed your question and here is my conclusion.

By Selecting extended interface for logged in user you can see the price list menu under configuration Menu as Ray Carnes Said.

How to Assign Price list :
You can Assign Price list In two ways: By Shop & Partner

Assign to Shop
Step 1 : Create price list
Sales >> Configuration >> Pricelists >> Pricelists
Step 2 : configure your price list with specific shop.
Sales >> Configuration >> Sales >> Shop
It contains list of shops , select or create new shop to assign your pricelist which you have created.
Step 3 : Test
Now, In sale order you can see the price list of related shop.

Assign to Partner
Step 1 : Assign Price list
Address Book >> Customers
Assign your Price list to specific partner/customer.
Step 2 : Test
Now, In sale order you can see the price list of related Partner/Customer.

Hope this answer satisfied your needs.

Let me know if you still need help.

Regards ,
Serpent Consulting Services

Hivesh Ramkorun (hiv22) said : #4

Thanks Ray Carnes, that solved my question.

Hivesh Ramkorun (hiv22) said : #5

Thank you very much Ray Carnes and Anil Kesariya

Hivesh Ramkorun (hiv22) said : #6

Dear all, what am trying to do is that i have implemented 3 core modules on my OpenErp 6.1 for a company namely Sales, Purchases and Manufacturing, and now i have been told to configure them to fit my company more specifically. I have assumed that my company buys Living Chicken from Farms, and then after going in the manufacturing process, the company sells them to different clients depending on their Sales Order, for example we have Chicken Dumbstick, Chicken Wings among others. So, Pricelist is one of the change that am trying to implement. Can you please help me out with other ideas, and also i have been told to use Python for that, can you help me to how am i going to use python if i have to configure.

Hivesh Ramkorun (hiv22) said : #7



You should configure a purchase pricelist when you do a purchase.

For sales to your customers, configure a pricelist as per the customer /product/ category.

If you want to do customization, you would need to create a module.

Hope this helps.

Hivesh Ramkorun (hiv22) said : #9

Am understanding.... but where do I use Python in all that, how to use Python, and where can I apply it?


OpenERP module will be create in Python programming, here you will have to use python skills.


Hivesh Ramkorun (hiv22) said : #11


Thank you very much Sir, can I have some kind of E-Book or reference where I can have a look about these Python commands and their functions?