[6.0] [account_voucher] sum of amount_lines > amount_total

1) Install account_voucher
     Create a invoice
     Create a payment from account_voucher
     Voucher amount_total set to 1€
     Voucher_line amount set to 3€
     Push button validate
2) Change to state done
3) I expected a windows error
4) revno 5063

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Amit Parik (amit-parik) said : #1

Hello Moisés,

First of all this is not a bug rather then it's behaviour, and If we fix it then it will creates a problem on partial payment with "reconcile with write off " option.

Let me explain further:

We can done our partial payment with following two manner.
1) Creates a invoice (750 EUR). I have to payment 500 EUR and want to my 250 amount as a residual amount. For this scenario I used option "Keep Open" . Set paid amount 500 EUR on voucher, which is linked to allocation amount as a 500EUR. Done payment. See invoice is still in open state and residual amount =250

2) Partial payment with write off: Creates a invoice (750 EUR). I have to payment 500 EUR and want to my invoice reconcile (Done). For this scenario I used option "reconcile with write off". Set paid amount 500 EUR and need to change allocation amount here, and set this amount same as a invoice amount (750 EUR). Now you can see the difference amount = 250EUR. Done the payment, My invoice goes o paid state (reconcile).

If we accept your suggestion than It will create a problem on 2nd option, and we never done out partial payment with write off amount.

So this is the behaviour that's why we can not put a restriction over there.

Thanks for the understanding!

Launchpad Janitor (janitor) said : #2

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