project task - bizarre calculation of total hours

Asked by Ferdinand on 2011-08-31

total hours computation
IMHO remaining hours should only be added if these are positive.

and yes - the planned hours should be reevaluated to avoid negative remaining hours.

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Amit Parik (amit-parik) said : #1

Hello Dr Ferdinand,

I have checked your issue but it is not a bug.

I think may be you have misunderstand something, If your 'Time Spent" (working hours) is greater then the planned hours then Remaining Hours will be always in negative because

 Planned Hours = Time Spent + Remaining Time

Form your scenario you have planned 8 hours than you have worked 14 hours so Remaining Hours will become -6 and which is correct.
Time Spent (14) + time remaining (-6) = (8)Planned Hours.

So Currently I am closing this issue.
Hope this will help for you.

Correct me if I am wrong.


t.o (emailbox4oerp) said : #2

Hello Amit,

Considering the calculation you're right but considering real life it's different.

How can you explain in real life that remaining hours can be negative ?

Allowing negative remaining hours implies that total hours (computed as Hours spent + Remaining hours) can be lower than hours spent which seems totally incorrect.

The way openerp compute the time in task is bad because when the hours spent become greater than the planned hours (in most of the case :( ) you have to reevaluate the remaining hours to keep them at 0.

Considering the project view, you have in the Administration tab :
- planned time
-time spent (computed as Sum of spent hours of all task related to this project and child project) is wrong by default but become correct if you reevaluate the remaining time...

So you spent hours to keep remaining hours at 0 and have correct project dashboard ....

Hope this help

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