Unable to Create PO from MO or SO

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Parent Product :
Product Type : Stockable Product
Procurement Method : MTS
Supply Type : Produce
Real Stock Qty : 0

Product Type : Stockable Product
Procurement Method : MTS
Supply Type : Buy
Real Stock Qty : 2


Parent = 3 Child product

Creating a MO for Parent creates a procurement with "not enough stock" exception.

Expected Result : PO for Child product qty 1
Obtained Result : "not enough stock" Exception in procurement_order.

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This question was originally filed as bug #801904.

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Amit Parik (amit-parik) said :

Hello Satheesh,

I have checked your issue But you might have a mistake in your configuration or you missed the some functional behavior of OpenERP.

When you want to generated a automatic PO from procurement (related SO or MO), your procurement method should be "Make to Order" in normal behavior on product configuration. You have selected the "Procurement Method : MTS" which is wrong in your child product's configuration it should be "Make to order".

Let me explain the complete story again:

Product configuration is most important thing is OpenERP .we have a two type of Procurement Method:

1) Make to Stock :It means the procurement is always waiting for the stock. This method is used when you have manage the real stock of the product it means that First you have purchase the product and then you will able to sale it or consume it. So if the Real stock is not available then you does not sale it or consume it directly..

2) Make to Order :It means the procurement does not waiting for the stock. This procurement method doest not depend on your real stock. In this procurement methods. when you creates a MO or So then it will create a related product 's PO automatically and in this procurement method.

Now lets go though on your scenario.

Whenever you creates a MO or SO then it will create a related procurement. If your product 's Procurement Method : MTS then Procurement Order check the related qty in your real stock. If the required qty is not available in real stock and you will run the scheduler then you will see this exception "not enough stock" in your procurement order and which is the functional behavior not a bug.

There are two process of run the procurement of MTS and create a related PO.
1) Change the Procurement method as a "on order" in procurement exception menu and Run this procurement.
2) Run the scheduler with check the "Automatic Orderpoint" then you will see the one another automatic order has been generated and related PO will be generated also.

If you have a procurement method, "Make to Order" then it doesn't matter you have real stock available or not it will create a Procurement Order in confirmed state and when you runs the scheduler then the related PO will be generated.

So I would like to suggest for solve this problem you have to change your child product's procurement method as a "MTO" or run the procurement order with change the procurement method as an "On order".

So this is the functional behavior of OpenERP not the bug.

Hope this will help for you.


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Amit Parik (amit-parik) said :


I just forget to mention one more solution of your problem that is you have to create a "Minimum Stock Rule" for your child product and run the scheduler with "Automatic Orderpoint" then you will see the PO for your child product.


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Franco Tampieri (dr.dran) said :

Hello Amit,

is possible if you install the mrp_jit break the normal function of the procurement scheduler?
Because I have some produtct set as this:
- Supply Type: BUY
- Procurement Methods: MTS
- Product Type: Stockable Product

If I try to execute the scheduler manually with the Automatic Orderpoint flagged, I don't obtain any purchase order for that product, but an exception "non enought stock".

How can I solve this problem?

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Amit Parik (amit-parik) said :

Hello Franco,

If you manually run the procurement then you get this exception "non enough stock"and if you run the scheduler with Automated Order Point it will raise the PO.

Automatic Order point is checked the stock of your product If it's in negative then It must generate the PO.

Another Option is you have to create a Minimum stock rule for that product.


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