Analytic balance and analytic inverse balance are wrong??

Asked by Gustavo Cordero on 2011-04-25


I'm working on the use of analytic accounts related to supplier invoices as seen in Attachment 1, this invoice creates an accounting entry where the account Importaciones en TrĂ¡nsito is imputed to debit with the value of $ 100 (Attachment 2), so generated an analytical line at a value of $ -100 (Attachment 3), i think this is correct because that it is considered an expense; however when I print the report analyt balance or analyt inverse balance, is presented the movement in general account has been on credit, when it really was on debit. I think this is wrong, it should show the really movement of the general account, so I made some modifications in the file to obtain a report as shown in Attachment 4. I would like to know your opinion about this, and if this would be a bug?

P.D. I tried this in te 5.0.6 and 6.0.1 version.

Best Regards.

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Hello Gustavoe,

I think you mix up Analytic account with general account.The current costing logic is current.
Let me explain you more.When you creating customer invoice with reference of analytic account.
Sales cr entry will take this analytic account in general entry.
The other side analytic entry is going reverse direction debit side for proper costing calculation.

you can check the effect by opening the related analytic account chart from Accounting/Charts/Chart of Analytic Accounts menu.

Similarly thing will happen in supplier invoice but in reverse way.
Hope this will help.

Correct me If I did not understand you.

Hello Vinay, thanks for you help,

I'm just trying to link the general accounting with analytical, I understand that through a customer invoice is generated revenue for the company that the value of the analytical line is positive (because credit> debit), and to buy Instead, it generates a cost so its sign is negative (because credit <debit), however when generating reports of analytical balances from one account (analytic balance and inverted analytic balance), as they cross the information to the general accounts I expected to show the same balances in debit and credit that in general account move, as this is not true, how then should interpret these reports?

Hello Gustavo,

The Analytic entry is not similar like general account entries.In short Both are reverse in behavior.
I already told you that you can check the balance from analytic chart, the report will print similar like chart.


de Coupigny (rdcoupigny) said : #4

Dear all,
I honestly don't understand this logic.
A Debit entry in Genaral account must have the same sign in analytical account and must also be considered as a Debit.
So I really don't understand how this analytical balance is built built but it is not done accordoing to accounting rules.
I really would like it to be changed as it very confusing and FALSE.

qdp (OpenERP) (qdp) said : #5

sorry to dig this out, but i just wanted to say: yes it was wrong and it has been fixed some time (years?) ago...

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