"live" mode and song editing - keeps displaying a song page

Asked by Dave Bevan on 2013-02-06

Ubuntu 10.04 LTS
dpkg --list|grep openlp
ii openlp 1.9.12+bzr2117-0ubuntu1~lucid1 Church lyrics projection application

Start OpenLP.
Edit a song, change some words on a page.
Normal behaviour - when closing the edit dialogue - via save or cancel - OpenLP GUI remains displayed.


Now add a song to an empty service.
Edit that song as above - normal behaviour as described above.


Make the song in the service Go-Live - i.e. select it in the service list and press enter. As expected, song pages are loaded into the LIVE Panel, with a preview shown in the usual place. The "Ouput" screen displays the 1st song page.


Hit ESC to quit/exit live mode. "Output" screen goes blank, because I deliberately hit ESC, and as far as I'm concerned, I've left LIVE mode.


Now re-edit the song concerned - the one that's loaded into the LIVE Panel. Despite not being in LIVE mode (because I hit ESC to stop being live and my "Output" screen isn't showing any lyrics), upon clicking either CANCEL or SAVE, the "Output" screen re-displays the currently-selected song page (in the LIVE Panel) automatically. I did not press enter, I did not request a GO-LIVE operation to execute via a menu click.


To me this feels like a bug - why should OpenLP choose to "GO LIVE" immediately after me executing, or just threatening to, an edit (i.e. threatening = CANCEL, executing = SAVE) ?

As a way to try and debug, I've attempted to "unload" the song from the LIVE Panel to see of that prevents the bad behaviour, but can't work out how clear the LIVE Panel contents.

If others, like me, think this shouldn't happen - i.e. "Auto-GO-LIVE-after-edit-or-threat-to-edit" - I'll file a bug, but wanted a 2nd opinion before doing so first.

Thanks for reading,

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Raoul Snyman (raoul-snyman) said : #1

I could be wrong, but I'm pretty sure this bug was fixed in 2.0. I recommend you add our release PPA and upgrade to version 2.0.1. The PPA is perfectly safe, I am the person who packaged OpenLP for Ubuntu and in our PPA.
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Dave Bevan (dave-bevan) said : #2

Hi Raoul.

Just upgraded:

npf@pc-n993019:~$ dpkg --list|grep openlp
ii openlp 2.0.1-0ubuntu1~lucid1 Church lyrics projection application

Behaviour still the same, following same steps as above (load to service, go-live, esc, edit song, cancel - still results in auto-go-live).

So, after further testing, right-click-edit from the SERVICE panel does NOT exhibit the behaviour, whereas right-click-edit from the SONGS panel DOES.


Raoul Snyman (raoul-snyman) said : #3

Check your song settings?
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Dave Bevan (dave-bevan) said : #4


So I find:

* Enable search as you type: enabled
* Display verses on live tool bar: enabled
* Update service from song edit: enabled
* Import missing songs from service file: enabled

I don't see an option that says

* Perform auto-go-live after edit

I do want "Update service from song edit" to be true, so that any song that has been edited is updated in the service file also.

I'm concerned that the auto-go-live behaviour between SONGS panel and SERVICE panel is different - SERVICE:Good; SONGS:Bad; - shouldn't the behaviour be the same - call the same show-song-edit-dialogue routine, have the same post-song-edit-dialogue-hide behaviour?

That withstanding, I'm not in LIVE mode/state (because I hit ESC) so why should OpenLP think I am? If I was in LIVE mode with a 2nd screen, and performed a song-edit-save, then of course, any LIVE view should, I guess, be updated.

Also, this behaviour occurs on a CANCEL too, where no edit was committed.

Thoughts? Do you think it's the bug that you thought was previously fixed, only fixed in one place instead of both perhaps?

Thanks for the conversation on this - it's appreciated.


Dave Bevan (dave-bevan) said : #5

Hi Raul.

Further testing:

1) Disable service-update-in-event-of-song-edit-change. So now, no changes on the SONGS panel cause updates on the SERVICE panel. So the issue is only associated with SERVICE panel behaviour.

2) An interesting side-effect of this: If I edit a now-detached song from the main database/SONGS panel - say add "x" as the 1st char of the 1st verse, save, then right-click edit the same song on the SERVICE panel (i.e. the 1st verse over there doesn't have the "x" because of the detached-edit), I find that the song editor displays the version of the song from the database/SONGS panel, not the version of the song that's in the SERVICE file. Is that expected behaviour?

3) In the circumstance where I right-click-edit over the SERVICE panel, and CANCEL, as described above, the behaviour is as-expected - nothing untoward occurs. However, if I save, two things happen:
3.1) The save causes "x" to appear. Expected, because of the behaviour observed in #2 above.
3.2) The Go-Live event also occurs, even though I wasn't in Go-Live mode (I'm working single-screen here) so know for definite that there was no "output" running as it obscures the GUI.

So it's narrowed to a Go-Live event being triggered after a Save of a song currently loaded in the SERVICE panel, that was also subject to a PREVIOUS, but not-currently-active Go-Live event - i.e. the song has to be present/loaded in the LIVE panel.

Hope that helps to narrow down the code location of the problem.


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