How Refresh Translation openerp 5

Asked by Tanel Kurvits on 2009-01-14


I try help translate Openerp. I want to see translation results but to not know how refresh after i replaced updated language file.
Founded translations located /server/bin/addons/MODULENAME/i18n/xx_XX.po
Now i replace that file with modified file but how i see changes?

1. replaced /server/bin/addons/MODULENAME/i18n/xx_XX.po
2. Stoped both server and client
3. start again server and client
result: nothing changed

1. removed /server/bin/addons/MODULENAME/i18n/xx_XX.po
2. Stoped both server and client
3. start again server and client
result: nothing changed

Now i think translations what i see in interface located somewhere in database ma by.


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To translate a module, you can use the translation interface of LaunchPad.

Tanel Kurvits (tanel-kurvits) said : #2

No i not thinked that! That i already know and already using launchpad. I explain more.

1. i translate using launchbad
2. Then i download that translation because i want to test translation quality.
3. I rename what i downloaded and replace old translation in i18n folder.
And now look my first post.

Tanel Kurvits (tanel-kurvits) said : #3

So i founded myself how do that.

Hi Tanel,
I have same problem, can you describe how to do that?

Thank you.

lavardez (vlgiang) said : #5

Ok so he found it and keep it in his secret chamber. Spit it out man.

I found now how I can make it.

1) Change your translation in .po file
2) Go: Administration->Translation->Load an Official Translation -> Choose your own and start installation
3) Logout and reboot your server
4) Login again

yandri r f (yandri-rf) said : #7

by doing that, we can only change the 'inner' form language, but not the top buttons or the menus.
watabout you, mr. kurvits?

jpereira (x-trail543) said : #8

I have the same problem:

I load (import) sucefull my .po or .csv translations, i am checking "all terms" and my new translated terms are correct.

But in the openERP interface client, my new translated terms don't apear with the new translation.

What it's the right way for load a new translation?
There is some process after load a new .po or .csv file translation??


jpereira (x-trail543) said : #9

I answer myself:

The solution, for me, it was restart the server in the "windows services", NOT in the start/stop bat

Ayhan KIZILTAN (akiziltan76) said : #10

I think no solution for windows.
Someone told me the nightly versions include the new translations, but this is not true.
I have made alot of translations through launchpad and uploaded them from launchpad and the translations were also confirmed.
But! The nightly versions still come with the old translations.