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Asked by Mark Garrow on 2011-01-12

I've got a web server up and running at home that is accessible from outside my LAN. However I'm not sure how to grab the needed files/code to get this up and running. Can you assist? I have an upcoming charity church auction that I've been trying to find a way to allow remote bidders to participate.

Thanks for any assistance.

Mark Garrow
Scunizi / izinucs
scunizi at cox dot net

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Michael Paric (mparic) said : #2

My apologies for not replying sooner; I forgot to enable notifications on the project as I didn't think anyone would find it anyway :) But glad you did!

Michael Paric (mparic) said : #3

Just to clarify, OpenAuctionLive is designed for on-site management of Silent/Live Auction events; it currently does not include on-line auction capabilities. I'm planning to add these features later this summer, including some install/config scripts however anyone is open to help out by doing them sooner.

That said, OpenAuctionLive uses the CakePHP framework so the best source of installation is their documentation, specifically:

The easiest way is to put the /openauctionlive directory at the web root of your server (i.e. /var/www/htdocs/openauctionlive) then you'd access it from Make sure the /openauctionlive/app/tmp directory is readable and writable by your web server.

You'll need to set up your MySQL database and update the /app/config/database.php file accordingly per:

Once that's done, you can use the schema.php file I created to auto-generate the database tables by going to /openauctionlive/cake/console/ and running "./cake schema create" from the command line. Check out :

for more information on auto-generating with Cake. If you're new to CakePHP I strongly recommend reading through their excellent documentation at

Good luck with your auction!

Mark Garrow (scunizi) said : #4

Thanks for the response. I managed to solve my issue with Joomla and a plugin for auctions.. I just needed the capability as a one-off application that happens once a year.

Paul Flint (flint) said : #5

Dear Michael Paric,

Thank you for the installation guide post of 2011-02-26. This is very helpful.
I have been studying your installation outline for openauctionlive, as located at:

I have created the cake database on the MySQL database, and I feel certain that I can get
the right schema into it if I had some idea which of the schema.php's to use:

13504 ./cake/console/libs/schema.php
16934 ./cake/libs/model/cake_schema.php
1484 ./cake/tests/test_app/plugins/test_plugin/config/schema/schema.php
9885 ./app/config/schema/schema.php

Frankly, I feel that I may have gone astray,

from the page:
(running on an internal beast)

Sweet, "Auction" got Baked by CakePHP!

Your tmp directory is writable.
The FileEngine is being used for caching. To change the config edit APP/config/core.php
Your database configuration file is present.
Cake is able to connect to the database.
Editing this Page

To change the content of this page, edit:
To change its layout, edit:
You can also add some CSS styles for your pages at:
CakePHP: the rapid development php framework
(default) 0 query took ms Nr Query Error Affected Num. rows Took (ms)

the good news is that I have learned a bit about cake, and a bit more about MySQL. Anyway,
it looks like a sweet bit of PHP, so I would like to continue to get it operational.

If you have any tips I would be happy to try them out.

Kindest Regards,
Paul Flint

Michael Paric (mparic) said : #6

Hi Paul;
I'm glad the program has been helpful! The Cake console programs are tricky to use because they're dependent on proper path directives. Check out for some discussion on how to include the path to the Cake console programs in and out of the app directory. For me, I add the full path to the cake/console directory in my php.ini file so I don't have to type long directory lists every time (check out

The ./app/config/schema/schema.php file is the schema specific to the application (the others are default schemas used by Cake for things like Sessions and ACL setup, as well as the code to create the database tables themselves).

Once you have the Cake schema program working, you can either use the 'create' command to create all the tables in an empty database specific in the /app/config/database.php file or use the 'dump' command which will create SQL statements based on the schema which you can cut-and-paste into phpmyadmin.

Also, check out the app/webroot/.htaccess file. I originally created the program to run as a subdirectory of the web root due to the way I needed other people to access it. So the program is expecting; if you're running the program at the web root or another directory, you may need to modify the .htaccess file.

As the controllers, models and views are already created, you shouldn't have to use the 'bake' command as that's only necessary to create an empty framework. The 'bake' command may modify or overwrite existing code. Just copy all of the files into your web directory and update the .htaccess file noted above if app/webroot is not the webroot of the domain.

Good luck!

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