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Asked by Robert Schmalfuß on 2017-11-02


I've got a relatively unique problem. I got a PC with onboard installed and running in kiosk mode. onboard is active all the time, with the minimized button. The problem I have is, I wanted to uninstall onboard, but there are a few dependencies with other packages. If I uninstall the other packages together with onboard the system isn't working as intended anymore. How can I change dependencies OR how can I hide the keyboard?

I didn't find an option for hiding in the /usr/bin/onboard-settings or /usr/bin/onboard.

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Robert Schmalfuß
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Francesco Fumanti (frafu) said : #1

Depending on the Desktop environment you are using, there might be an option in the control panels to disable the on-screen keyboard.

Another approach might be to simply terminate the onboard process instead of uninstalling it.
killall -KILL onboard

Robert Schmalfuß (schmalle) said : #2

Ah the problem is, that there is no desktop in the sense of a desktop. An application is running in fullscreen mode and behind it there is only the terminal. I need a permanent way to disable the keyboard over the terminal.

Francesco Fumanti (frafu) said : #3

You might perhaps create a startup script, that waits for onboard to be launched and kills it. Or does your system automatically restart Onboard?

Robert Schmalfuß (schmalle) said : #4

It automatically restarts Onboard.

Francesco Fumanti (frafu) said : #5

Could you give us more information about the system you are using, particularly which distribution it is based on? Somebody might be able to give you more specific help.

Robert Schmalfuß (schmalle) said : #6

I solved it. There was a custom startup-script. I uncommented the line with Onboard and now it doesn't start anymore.

Francesco Fumanti (frafu) said : #7

Great that you found a solution.

Have a nice day.