Does it need a delay before pressing the spacebar ?

Asked by jeremy k on 2017-04-14

Hi everyone,

I'd like to know if some of you also encounter this problem.

When I type a little fast, some keys and then the spacebar, the space is not inserted.
There is no problem with the other keys. When I type fast, they are all inserted ... This is just a problem with the spacebar. If I slow down, it gets inserted.

Is there a special handling case for the spacebar ? Why doesn't it happen with the other keys ?

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jeremy k
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jeremy k (jeremy-ky) said : #1

the problem is solved
sorry it may come fom the fact that my keyboard was not completely anchored to the bottom of my screen. There was a small gap underneath, and I was pressing on it instead of the spacebar.
I feel so ashamed

marmuta (marmuta) said : #2

Glad you solved it. I'm just wondering why there's a gap at the bottom of the screen. Is Window-> Dock to screen edge enabled or is this a floating window?

jeremy k (jeremy-ky) said : #3

Yes, Window -> Dock to screen edge was enabled.

But I might have moved the keyboard unintentionnally, with the move key.
As of now, I moved it completely down and it seems to be better, but it looks like there is still a very tiny gap at the bottom of the keyboard. However I think this is inherent to the windowing system, and that can't be fixed.

I modified the layout so that the very bottom line of keys have a greater height (also this is not very aesthetic, and I am trying to get used to not pressing too low on the keyboard.