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Asked by Alex Martin on 2016-12-08

I want to have Vertical layout of key board. All keyboards are horizontal.
I want key board on Left or right side of screen and Vertical.

I attempted by creating SVG files in vertical format. in custom layout. Repositioned keys in SVG.

But I am getting horizontal layout only.

How to make new layout. Vertical

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Alex Martin
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marmuta (marmuta) said : #1

Hmm, this should be possible. Are perhaps the wrong svg files referenced in the *.onboard file? This shouldn't happen if you used the "New" button in Preferences->Layouts to create the new layout, but might if you manually copied an existing layout.

If you're stuck, post the layout (*.onboard+*.svg files) somewhere and I'll have a look.

Alex Martin (alex.martin) said : #2


Thank you for your response,

I think I have some success. Where can I find documentation for ".onboard" file.

Key words and its effects.

Panel, box, horizontal, vertical.
Key groups.


Alex Martin (alex.martin) said : #3


I figured out most of the things.

How to view documents in
"/usr/share/help/C/onboard/ file.

Which app to be used to view ".page" help files

Alex Martin (alex.martin) said : #4

Got it.

yelp -- is the prog to view help files. Was not aware of it.

marmuta (marmuta) said : #5

You can also select "Help" from Onboard's indicator menu, shell extension menu, or right click the floating icon (if enabled) and choose help. They all run this command:
/usr/bin/yelp help:onboard

The documentation isn't complete, however. Best advice I can give is to look at the source, mainly
or ask us.

panel = rectangular area with children placed at "fixed" x,y positions (taken from the svg files)
box = rectangular area with children placed in a single row (horizontal) or column (vertical).
Key groups = label size group; all labels in the same group get the same font size, determined by the largest label of that group

Often new layouts also require code changes, e.g. bug fixes, new features. Don't be discouraged, let us know about problems and perhaps we can help.