onboard changes language when clicking a button

Asked by Christian Stussak on 2013-09-06

I created a rather minimal linux using openbox which I want to use for a Kiosk application. The target language is German. When I start onboard, it displays the German keyboard like expected, i.e. it contains German Umlauts like 'ö' etc. But as soon as I click on a letter, the keyboard layout changes to English, i.e. 'y' changes to 'z', 'ö' changes to ';' and so on. No characters are emitted by onboard on that first click, only the layout changes. After that, onboard works like it should, but using an English keyboard layout which is not what I need.

The German onboard keyboard works fine on a regular Ubuntu 13.04. My system is based on a minimal Ubuntu 13.04 remix. But I am not sure if this is relavant since the correct German keyboard is displayed in both cases. As soon as I click on a button, the problems start.

Any ideas?

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marmuta (marmuta) said : #1

Hi, this is a problem that keeps coming up from time to time. It affected default Ubuntu once, but nowadays it seems to occur only away from the beaten path, with less frequently used configurations or desktop environments. Have a look at this bug:

We don't know the cause, but at least there is a workaround. Try
setxkbmap de

Christian Stussak (lauechpad) said : #2

Thanks a lot for your answer! The workaorund did it. I hope you find the real cause soon!