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Asked by sujit nag on 2013-03-04

I use LM13, and change the position of Onboard on-screen need two step. first make it large and resize to move. their is no direct way to move.

How to change the position of Onboard on-screen keyboard?

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Francesco Fumanti
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Francesco Fumanti (frafu) said : #1

Sorry, but I don't know what you mean by lm13.

Anyway, we are working on a new layout that should be better adapted to the nexus and have a bigger drag button than the Compact layout. If everything goes as planned, the new layout will ship with the next Onboard release.

sujit nag (sujitnag2011) said : #2

lm13 mean Linux mint 13.
whatever the os, this is true for any os.

Best Francesco Fumanti (frafu) said : #3

Sorry, I misunderstood your problem. I assumed that you were using a tablet or a similar device and the button to drag the on-screen keyboard would be to small on your device to be easily usable.

If you look at the Compact or Full keyboard layout, there is a button, whose label resembles a cross near the right edge of the layout. It is the button to move the on-screen keyboard. You can perform a mouse button down on that button, move the keyboard and then release the button.


sujit nag (sujitnag2011) said : #4

Thanks Francesco Fumanti, that solved my question.

Nick Mitchell (nickmitchell) said : #5

Same question and the answer solved my problem!
I'd set up for 'Grid' and couldn't figure out why I couldn't move the keyboard.
Movement is not available in that mode by default. Am I thick or what. :o))

marmuta (marmuta) said : #6

No, you're right, Grid doesn't have a move button. The story is, that Grid was once created as "Scan", a layout optimized for keyboard scanning. See Preferences->Universal Access->Keyboard Scanning. A move button didn't seem to make much sense for scanning, it'd be just in the way. An able person can still move the keyboard around with enabled window decoration, or Alt+dragging.

That said, I could imagine adding a move button that shows on long pressing Return, similar to Phone and Small layouts. Would that help?