Onboard does not display in Accessibility menu of lightdm at login screen.

Asked by Thomas on 2013-01-19

I'm using LightDM/Ubuntu image desinged/compiled for an Asus Transformer TF101 tablet. At the login screen of LightDM the accessibility menu only shows Large Font and High Contrast.

How can I get onboard as an option in this menu so I don't need my dock to login to the tablet?

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marmuta (marmuta) said : #1

Hi, thanks for your question.
I can't reproduce this issue here with Ubuntu 13.04. What distribution are you using?
Looking at the source of unity-greeter, it seems the keyboard item is always added to the greeter menu, apparently unconditionally.

Thomas (tlatura) said : #2

Thanks for your response.

My desktop session is Lubuntu. My kernel is compiled for ARM. I believe the Ubuntu code base is 12.04.

I have looked in the greeterui.xml (I think that's the file) that shows the actual xml for the login screen but Onboard does not appear at all. I can see Large Font and High Contrast.

Also, I have the Onboard version 0.98. I was trying to install the "raring" 0.99 version but not sure how to do it.

What else can I provide you to help answer the question?

marmuta (marmuta) said : #3

greeterui.xml doesn't seem to exist on my development system. What package does it come from?
$ dpkg -S greeterui.xml

I was looking at the vala source here, were the greeter appears to always create the menu item:

As far as I'm aware, Onboard is only integrated into unity-greeter. It might be that Lubuntu prefers a different greeter for lightdm. I'm running Lubuntu myself sometimes, but haven't tried to install it on its own yet. Perhaps this does the trick then:
$ sudo apt-get install unity-greeter

The version of Onboard doesn't really matter. The facility to be embedded into the greeter was there for ages, Onboard just needs to be launched by something.

If your ARM device has a touch-screen, you may want to upgrade anyway, though. 0.99 alpha or later works a lot better with touch. We do have a PPA for ARM on the Nexus 7,
for other ARM devices you might have to build from source. If you want to help testing (that'd be great) build it from source.

Thomas (tlatura) said : #4

Sorry for the delayed response and thanks for the assistance.

The file I was mentioning is called "greeter.ui". It is located in /usr/share/lightdm-gtk-greeter. When I open this file in LeafPad I can see the XML for the Accessibility button and Large Font and High Contrast items. There is no coding for Onboard. That's what I felt might be the source of the keyboard not showing up at the login screen.

I will attempt to install the PPA when I have a chance to connect to the internet again.

I attempted to install unit-greeter but it fails. Probably due to the type of customized set up I'm running on this tablet.

Thomas (tlatura) said : #5

I also found out my Ubuntu code base is 12.10 so I'm not sure how much it may have to do with this issue.

marmuta (marmuta) said : #6

12.10 shouldn't make much of a difference. The problem is, lightdm-gtk-greeter is one of the example greeters that come with lightdm and it doesn't know about Onboard and has no facility to xembed any keyboard.

You might be able to auto-start Onboard anyway, though. This used to be the way to run it in GDM.

$ sudo -u lightdm mkdir /var/lib/lightdm/.config/autostart/
$ sudo -u lightdm cp /usr/share/applications/onboard.desktop /var/lib/lightdm/.config/autostart/

That's maybe worth a try, but I haven't tested it here.
Moving and resizing should be possible, but if not, you could modify the desktop file to set position and size: Exec=onboard -x 0 -y ... -s ...x....

Thomas (tlatura) said : #7

Please mark this as closed. There are just problems with LightDM and Lubuntu using a custom ARM build on this tablet. Thanks all for the help.