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Asked by Suzanna Crossman on 2012-08-08

Is it possible to run any distro version on an Android based tablet? After 4 days of using android tablets I've never been so happy to see my Onboard keyboard when I had a tech issue and input from my physical keyboard wasn't working. I know (unfortunately from my brief experience) that the OS isn't truly Linux, so I'm doubtful, but wanted to check with y'all to be sure. Thanks for your time!

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marmuta (marmuta) said : #1

Thanks for the question. Unfortunately, there is no native support for Android at this point. Ubuntu for Android may include Onboard, but I'm not sure if this can even be installed on existing phones.
We talked about directly supporting Android a couple of times before, but since there is already quite a range of on-screen keyboards available, I felt it wouldn't make too much sense to port Onboard. Do you think we should?

Man just lost my post! Try 2 LOL

1) It seems a lot of folks are unhappy with what is available

2) Most of what I've seen are partial. Limited symbols, numbers, punctuation, function keys, cursor moving keys are either not there, hard to find so basically inaccessible. I think a lot of tablet users would appreciate knowing intuitively where to find our missing keys . Not so sure about the phone version since i preferred using the phone keypad there

3) size although generally "adjustable " Varies greatly and Onboard appears smaller, more legible and more accurate in click/tap reading than I am finding here.

The best keyboard I've found so far is the Hacker's KEYBOARD which is pretty complete and accurate but even with making it smaller takes half my screen. Actual measures show. Onboard2" VS. Hacker 3 7/8" Not much? The first shows FN keys and ctrl, alt, menu meta in normal places. The second you have to move to screen 2 and find them. I just made it smaller still. Down to 25% and no space regained at all.

I understand (too well. After 5 days) that. A decision like that would be huge. I can say that your keyboard out measures the seeming tops of the field. Including the Asus keyboard and the default .ICS keyboard. Honestly whether supporting this for Android. is worth the time, energy, tweaks and rewrites I'm not sure. If Ubuntu or another version makes a splash in tablets then I would definitely recommend it.

The product is competitive. It's wanted./needed even, but that doesn't mean market is ready yet.

marmuta (marmuta) said : #3

That's certainly interesting, thanks for the detailed response. Getting a familiar layout into Onboard was actually one of the reasons that got me into the project, so I can definitely relate.

I think we should investigate how much effort it might be to bring Onboard to Android. Problems I see are that Onboard tightly fits into its current environment and X-servers and even Python seem to be second class citizens on Android. There's a chance, that porting would involve a rewrite in Java, that's nothing that could be done over night.
Personally, I'm tempted to give it a try, though. However, finishing word prediction has priority at the moment.

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