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Asked by Carlo Bertoni on 2011-12-29

How can I permanentely set letters with accents in the layout of Onboard (fom the italian layout, namely à, è é ì, ò, ù)?
Thank you

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Francesco Fumanti (frafu) said : #1


First of all, thanks for your interest in Onboard.

In order to permanently have letters with accents available, you have to create a custom layout. You can for example create a layout with an additional row of keys and assign the letters with accents to these keys.

But you do not have to do it from scratch: Open the preferences dialog of Onboard, go to the layout tab, choose one of the available layouts which you would like to expand and click on customize layout. You will be asked for a name and the current layout will be saved with the chosen name in .onboard/layouts in your home folder. (.onboard is a hidden folder)

In the layouts folder, you can find the files corresponding to the copy of the layout that you created. The file with the extension .onboard references several .svg files. The svg files determine the location of the keys and give an id to each key; the .onboard file defines what letters corresponding to each key. To open the svg file, you can use the application inkscape; to open the .onboard file, you can use a text editor.

Though it is outdated, you can find more details by looking at /usr/share/onboard/docs/index.html on your system.

Hoping to have been of some help,


Carlo Bertoni (carlo-bertoni) said : #2

Thanks Francesco Fumanti, that solved my question.

Carlo Bertoni (carlo-bertoni) said : #3

Thank you for your suggestion.
I am trying to create my own layout (through trials and errors) but I would need the keycodes onboard uses for the letters with accents. Is there a table?
Using the virtual keyboard I accidentaly stroke the "This solved my question" field, but it didn.t ...
Thank you

Best Francesco Fumanti (frafu) said : #4

You should be able to find the keycodes in the following file on your system:

If that file is not available on your system, install the following package:



Carlo Bertoni (carlo-bertoni) said : #5

Thanks Francesco Fumanti, that solved my question.