How many touch points can I get on uTouch?

Asked by costales on 2011-03-14

I would make an application, but I need touch 8 buttons simultaneously.
The mobiles can't support it:
  - HTC Desire: 2 points simultaneously .
  - HTC Desire HD: 4 points simultaneously.
  - Samsung Galaxy: 5 points >
(But Android can cath over 256 points).

Could you tell me, How many buttons I can press with uTouch simultaneously? and if you know any tablet with this support?
Thanks in advance!

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Duncan McGreggor
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Best Duncan McGreggor (oubiwann) said : #1

Atmel advertises 16 simultaneous touches for the following chipsets:
 * mXT224
 * mXT616
 * mXT1386

This is the highest we've heard of so far for any mobile devices besides Apple's iPad. We're not sure who's using any of these three mXT chips yet.

The design patterns for Ubuntu and touch are focused on gestures that users can do conveniently with one hand. As such, we've got uTouch configured for 1 to 4 simultaneous touches.

However, uTouch also supports raw MT data, and for specialized applications (like games) that didn't want to use the predefined gestures of Ubuntu, this is what you'd want. I don't believe there is any technical limitation for the touch data made available to application developers through uTouch. Last August, we tested uTouch and MT events with the 3M 22" monitor and were getting touch events for at least 16 fingers simultaneously, so you should be ready to go right now.

We work very closely with our community members, so if you did encounter problems, at the very least we could give you pointers. If there were changes that we could make that fit will with our tasks for the development cycle, we'd likely be able to help you out immediately.

costales (costales) said : #2

Thanks Duncan McGreggor, that solved my question.

costales (costales) said : #3

Galaxy appears offer the mXT224:
But Samsung is limit the points by software:

I think in games for tablets could be necessary 8 or 10 points.
Thanks for the answer Ducan! ;)

Duncan McGreggor (oubiwann) said : #4

You're most welcome!