"Tap and drag" for Magic Trackpad using ginn?

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I've managed to set up an Apple Magic Trackpad with evdev/utouch/ginn, and configured a bunch of gestures in ginn. The only thing missing is "tap and drag", i.e. making it possible to drag items or mark text by tapping once, then quickly tap again and hold/drag. This functionality is available if I use the synaptics driver, but that means losing support for most other gestures. Is it possible to configure support for this somewhat compound gesture using ginn? How?

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Mohamed IKBEL Boulabiar (boulabiar) said :

Unfortunately, compound gestures (or Meta gestures) still not supported in Ginn.
After Your question I am considering this request and I will try to add their support as fast as I get some time.
(If you can help with some definitions, documents or any thoughts on how the language could be I'll be very thankful !)

BTW, as gestures can be connected to any other actions, you may connect some of them to other software which can hold information about the state.
A user has added right-click using another tool (xdotool) and this can be shown in his videos, so going the same path as him may help with the current implementation.

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Chase Douglas (chasedouglas) said :

As a separate answer, if all you are wanting is the ability to do tap and drag for mouse click and drag events, we will be adding support for this in 11.04. In 10.10, we only supported gestures through the X evdev input module, but we have added support to the X synaptics input module in 11.04.

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Strontium Dawg (haggis-haggis) said :

I've just setup a magic trackpad with ginn, too. The gestures seem to work well but there are two problems, one of which is that I cann't figure out how to do drag and drop with the trackpad. For example, how do I drag a window to a new place? How about drag a file from Nautilus to the desktop?

Tap and drag would be nice, or even just something like 3-finger drag-n-drop. Am I missing something? The trackpad isn't usable without being able to drag and drop!


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Chase Douglas (chasedouglas) said :

Hi Strontium,

Please refer to my previous comment. We will support all of tap-to-click, tap-to-drag and gestures for multitouch trackpads in Ubuntu 11.04.

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