Is there deb packages for utouch, utouch-evemu, ginn, utouch-geis, utouch-grail not the tools and libraries

Asked by memetali on 2011-02-06

I bought a new Dell XT2 and I want to use the tablet function. I found out the utouch project. But in the software center and synaptic there is only tools and libraries. As far as I understood from the articles, utouch, utouch-evemu, ginn, utouch-geis, utouch-grail are some programs with their own interfaces.

The only packages I could get was the .tar.gz packages for the programs I mentioned above. Do I have to build the utouch and utouch related programs with the .tar.gz packages or is there a way to build them through .deb packages. I also found a PPA but it only upgraded one of the tools and libraries package.

I installed every .deb package available from software center or synaptic but I still don not have any multi-touch function on my Dell XT2 tablet.

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Duncan McGreggor (oubiwann) said : #2

More information forthcoming...

Stephen M. Webb (bregma) said : #3

Most of the packages provide only tools and libraries.

Everything in the uTouch stack is available as prebuilt binary packages in PPAs for Ubuntu 10.10. The easiest way to make the entire uTouch software stack available is to use the Ubuntu Software Center to add ppa:utouch-team/utouch to your package sources, then install the 'ginn' package. This will pull in the other required packages as dependencies, although some are already a part of Ubuntu 10.10 and do not require installation.

The 'ginn' program is a good starting point for using uTouch. It is a daemon program that converts gestures into other input for existing applications such as eog, evince, open office, and firefox and is extensible to other applications through a configuration file.

All of the packages are installed automatically in the forthcoming natty narwhal release.

memetali (ma-alabora) said : #4

Thanks for the answer. After this post I made a wider post to "utouch" page. Stephen M. Webb answered all my questions. It may be helpful to people who are dealing with multi-touch support and features in Ubuntu.