Drivers compatibles with uTouch?

Asked by José Expósito on 2011-02-04


In the Touchégg issues I'm constantly receiving this questions:

Q: Touchégg (like geistest...) don't work!
A: You need to use evdev driver

Q: How can I use evdev drivers?
A: Edit your /usr/share/X11/xorg.conf.d/nn-touchpad-name.conf file and change driver to evdev. If this file don't exist edit your /etc/X11/xorg.conf file and add your device

Q: The mouse gone crazy!
A: You can change your mouse speed making this:

Ok, this are my answers, but...

1 - uTouch only works with evdev driver?
2 - Are an official method to use evdev driver? (and more simple that this
3 - An official mode to change mouse speed?

Thanks, I hope you can solve me these questions

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Duncan McGreggor (oubiwann) said : #1

The following was taken from an email conversation with Chase Douglas (all credit him). This is a partial answer to the question.

I'm assuming the question refers to touchscreens. Here's an ordered list:

1. Atmel maXTouch
2. N-Trig
3. a. Cando
  b. eGalax
  c. Wacom

The maXTouch looks to be the best solution, though I've not seen Ubuntu
running on any device with it yet. It supports up to 16 touches and
tracks them very well. We would need to verify that the open source
drivers in the upstream linux kernel work well or port drivers from some
android tree.

N-Trig supports four or six touches, but [we've seen lots of firmware issues
with it]. I don't really recommend it, but it's the only other option that
handles more than two touches at a time. Our Unity shell uses gestures up
to four touches at a time, so this still allows a full experience.

The rest of the touch screens listed are known to work well, but they
only support two touches. This limits gestural interaction with the
Unity shell. However, I would recommend these over N-Trig in terms of

Broadcom devices [...] work great too. They can be found in all the
Apple multitouch hardware.

Duncan McGreggor (oubiwann) said : #2

Additional notes:

 * the magic mouse didn't get enough enablement development work, so support for it is currently broken.

 * In Natty (Ubuntu 11.04) we will land Synaptics support for uTouch :-)

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