FUNNY- Will we move to github again, or will we stay here

Asked by Nhomar - Vauxoo

I know I was the one who asked you move from git to launchpad.

But my friend, are thinking in move it to git - bit or will we be here?.

I really want test this on github with travis and doctest, are you agreed?, do we make a new org to manage this?

Sadly bitbucket AFAICK doen't have a CI free tool integrate, that's why I think github is better (but if you decide bitbucket again aI can follow your lead) ;-)

I need 2 features now which I really appreciate do them on git (we sadly are moving ther due to odoo movement.

1.- JsonRPc better support.
3.- CI with travis.

What's the plan dude?

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Sébastien Alix (sebastien-alix) said :

Hi Nhomar :) As usual, thanks for your interest.

From now I have not planned to move OERPLib to Github, but I agree it should be done, only I have not enough time to do this (and I'm not familiar with the bzr -> git migration process).

I work already on Github to make some PR on Odoo (, so it's ok for me (and simpler) to work with Git only, and drop bzr/Launchpad one day.

About your needs:
- JSON-RPC: I have inspecting a lot the API, and it will be very difficult/long to implement it for OERPLib (read: supporting all functionalities like reporting, databases management and browsing records capabilities with XML-RPC + JSON-RPC). The JSON-RPC API is very different, but generally speaking it is better than the XML-RPC one (particularly to handle server errors, although there is a lack of consistency in some web controllers in Odoo to print reports and manage databases, but not so much).

- Continuous Integration: obvisouly, unit tests in OERPLib are not so "unit" :D They need to be rewritten to be runnable by a CI system I think.

In response to that, I began the development of a new RPC library (a fork of OERPLib in fact) based exclusively on JSON-RPC and called OdooRPC. Why this new project:
- too much work to keep the OERPLib functionalities compatible with XML-RPC/JSON-RPC ;
- Antony Lesuisse told me during the last Opendays that XML-RPC will not evolve anymore and is kept for compatibility only, that JSON-RPC is the future. If tomorrow JSON-RPC improve its API with great functionalities, and that we can't make them compatible with XML-RPC... it will be a brake ;
- better errors handling ;
- the new brand is "Odoo", what does OERPLib mean ? OEWhat ? :) For newcomers this is not obvious and not consistent, so "OdooRPC" speaks for itself ;
- One goal of OERPLib is to give an API not too different from the server side API. With the new 8.0 API it is another brake (the old one will be removed one day), so the current API of OERPLib will not be consistent for the next years (this is not a big deal you can say...). As such, OdooRPC mimics A LOT the new API 8.0 of Odoo, again, consistency ;
- better unit tests making them compatible with Travis CI ;
- by dropping compatibility for old versions of OpenERP (5.0...) and the Python environment where OERPLib could be run (old ones), OdooRPC is currently compatible with Python 2.7, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3 and 3.4.

OdooRPC is not published yet (I do a lot of refactoring/change and rewrite the history very often with Mercurial Queues because I don't know how to do this with Git from now), but it will be soon on Github, not Bitbucket.
Also, OERPLib still be compatible with Odoo 8.0 (and maybe next versions if there is not too much work). I want to make a little section in the documentation to show the OdooRPC equivalences of OERPLib, to make it easy for developpers to migrate if needed.

That's the plan dude, about my vision and current work :) What do you think? This new project could suit your needs or not? Maybe you would try to integrate JSON-RPC to OERPLib to keep only one tool, I can understand that ;)
I will try to publish this project ASAP.

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Nhomar - Vauxoo (nhomar) said :


Ok If it will not evolve (I understand your reasons) just let us mantain here, (I can migrate it if you think it is necesary to github we have a lot of experience migratin OCA and our own branches).

About OdooRPC. in that case I strongly recommend to you fork this:

It supports json already :-) but I know very well your library I prefer use only one.

When you publish the project I will test it.

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Sébastien Alix (sebastien-alix) said :

Hi Nhomar,

Indeed, I'm interested by your help to migrate this repo to a Git one.
Can you merge all main branches in one repo, with all tags?

About JSON-RPC, I missed the "/jsonrpc" web controller which were not here in 7.0, so I may be wrong about all what I say above : maybe that the JSON-RPC connector can be implemented in OERPLib, indeed.

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Houssine (houssine-bakkali) said :

Hi guys,

Just passing by and i've fallen on this thread... any news about a possible move on github or forking the openerp-client-lib?

I was planning to use oerplib for a project and just wanted to know if a roadmap has been decided or still in discussion?

Thanks and great work by the way!!

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Sébastien Alix (sebastien-alix) said :

It is already available on GitHub ;)

A warning message was added on home page but it's not enough for sure.
The drawback is that there is no such "Answers" board on GitHub AFAIK, so I let this one open for the moment.

There is some topics to improve in OERPLib:
    - error messages through XML-RPC
    - integrate the JSON-RPC connector (the raw connector already exists)
    - design the whole to render error messages regardless the protocol used

Otherwise I started a new project entirely based on JSON-RPC, OdooRPC:

Just a "test project", we will see over the time how it will evolve and if people are interested. OERPLib stays the one we use every day in our developments.

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Houssine (houssine-bakkali) said :

Hi Sébastien,

I wasn't aware of this but this is a good news :)

Ok I will stuck to OERPLib for now and have a look a the new lib when i got time.

Thanks again for your great works!