on_change methods supported?

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I want to know if OERPLib supports on_change methods from views. Thoses are really necessary. Currently I have been using OOOR a lot and I'm asking about the on_change methods because I prefer to use python instead of ruby if possible, so if the on_change methods are supported I will switch to OERPLib.

Thank you.

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Best Sébastien Alix (sebastien-alix) said :

Hi Manu,

I started to work on view management, but it is not planned for the next release. About the 'on_change', there is no "nice integration" of it on browse_record currently (but if the view management module is implemented - one day - it will be part of it).
However, it is not complicated for you to implement that on your side, as 'on_change' is just a normal Model method:

import oerplib
oerp = oerplib.OERP(...)

order_obj = oerp.get('sale.order')
order = order_obj.browse(1)
# Update 'order' object with an on_change
res = order_obj.product_id_change([order.id], ARGS AND/OR KWARGS...)
for k, v in res.get('value', {}).iteritems():
    setattr(order, k, v)
# 'order' object is now updated

The same, with a reusable function:

def on_change(oerp, obj, method, *args):
    """Update `obj` with the result of the on_change `method`"""
    res = oerp.execute(obj.__osv__['name'], method, *args)
    for k, v in res['value'].iteritems():
        setattr(obj, k, v)
    return obj

order = order_obj.browse(1)
order = on_change(oerp, order, 'product_id_change', ARGS...)

I have not tested the above code, but it should be ok.
It is not integrated to OERPLib, but it is short, and in Python ;)

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Manu (manu-tiedra) said :


thank you very much for your fast and detailed response! I really appreciate it.

I was asking this because I saw some view stuff in the commits, but it seemed incomplete. Keep on the good work!

I'll do what you suggest. However, that means that I have to know in advance what on_change will fire on an object and that may depend on the installed modules. Anyway, just for using python alone it is worth the price.

Best regards,

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Manu (manu-tiedra) said :

Thanks Sébastien Alix, that solved my question.

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Sébastien Alix (sebastien-alix) said :


If it helps, there is a new service named 'inspect' currently developped, and I just added a method to list on_change methods with some info. For instance:

>>> oerp.inspect.list_on_change(['sale.order'])

Will produce a result like that: http://pastebin.com/nGS247aR
('sale.order.line' appears because this is the 'sale.order' form which set the related 'on_change')


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Manu (manu-tiedra) said :


It does indeed help a lot.

Thank you very much!