Functional changes in the OCB 6.1 series

Created by Stefan Rijnhart (Opener)
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Stefan Rijnhart (Opener)

The OCB branches 6.1 implement a small number of functional changes. Three of those change the database layout. No data migration is necessary, but you need to upgrade your database to prevent errors in the interface about missing fields on the model.

OCB addons 6.1 revision 6693 adds a setting for tax rounding mechanism on the company, allowing for vertical tax computation. This is a backport from Alexis de Lattre's branch which was accepted in OpenERP 7.0. See

Additionaly, OCB addons 6.1 revision 6705 adds a field on the invoice to apply the other tax rounding mechanism for that particular invoice. See

OCB server 6.1 revision 4300 implements a fix for lp:960201, so that the correct next number is displayed on sequences of type 'standard'. It also prevents the next number to be reset under certain circumstances, and adds a checkbox by which the user can confirm that it does indeed want to change the next number on the sequence. See

Additional functionality to take notice of, although not involving changes in the database layout:
- Take pricelist into account when creating invoices manually. See
- Full backport of the revised Dutch localization as accepted in 7.0. Only affects newly created databases.