How do I invoke nssbackup from command line?

Asked by Martin Th. Fei on 2009-12-30


since the scheduling of Nssbackup doesn't work, here's a really simple question:

How do I invoke Nssbackup backup using a specific profile from command prompt? On a related item: How come I cannot find this question in the database? Has it not come up, yet?


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Nssbackup is scheduled on my computer, and does work.
I even experimented that it goes on scheduling after I disabled it.....

Do you use the "superuser" access to Nss?

Martin Th. Fei (nimoth) said : #2

I am using "superuser" and it does not work (I am looking into a fix suggested in Question #62814). Apart from that, it doesn't answer my actual question of how I start nssbackup from command line. Especially, how I start a specific profile I created using the GUI.

Looking at the entry in /etc/cron.d/nssbackup, it seems that a call to /usr/share/nssbackup/nssbackup will invoke the backup deamon. However, the question remains, how I invoke a specific profile. I created a profile called "stanni", and I only want to invoke this one, not the default profile. The config files are /etc/nssbackup.d/nssbackup-stanni.conf and /etc/nssbackup.conf, respectively.

you can't launch NSsbackup for a single profile via the command line. It's the same as via the config- gui.

To launch NSsbackup from the command line, use *nssbackupd* (from /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin)

So if you want to launch a single profile, you will need to disable all the others and then launch NSsbackup. For that, use the Config GUI OR manually rename the configuration files to *[old_name.conf]-disable*.

Martin Th. Fei (nimoth) said : #4

That's too bad. I'll try both of your solutions. The problem is, that there seems to be no way to disable the default profile via GUI. I wonder what Nssbackup will do when I rename the /etc/nssbackup.conf file. I'll let you know...

Martin Th. Fei (nimoth) said : #5

Thanks Oumar Aziz OUATTARA, that solved my question.

Oumar Aziz OUATTARA suggests this article as an answer to your question:
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