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Asked by Steffen Sindzinski on 2009-04-28

After creating some inc backups because of my questions 69044 nssbackup shows some confusing behavior.

Remark: The backups should not contain data, because I did not change anything.

First the nssbackup.log in the backup file directory is not the same as the one in the /var/log directory. And it also contains no relevant data. Just one line: 2009-04-28 09:21:53,157 - INFO - - ConfigManager created from config file '/etc/nssbackup.d/nssbackup-nur Home....conf'

But the /var/log file does.

Second. At the end of all of my "empty" inc backups this morning a message appeared that there is no space left to create a backup. I could not see any reason for this because I have more than 300Gbyte left, my largest full backup was 100GByte and the inc backup is almost empty.


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Steffen Sindzinski (stesind) said : #1


I am using the latest version from PPA for Jaunty.

I'm doing backups on an USB key.....the trash of the key is within the key, so it impacts the available GB.
I had to look at the hidden files to understand that. I deleted the hidden files and recovered the cpacity of the key....Perhaps it works in a similar way for an USB drive? doesn't it?

Steffen Sindzinski (stesind) said : #3


thanks for the fast answer. I know the thing with the trash, but here the problem is different I think.

There is definitely more the 300Gbyte free space.

The inc-Backup is created successfully, I can see the files and in restore is everything correct. But the message appeared after completing the backup is that there is no space to create a backup!

I have no idea why this message comes up.

Maybe nssbackup tries to do a second backup in parallel? I am using a profile "nur home". This is the only profile. But as I can remember the message showed "default" profile. And this maybe uses the standard local backup folder in var and wants to do a full update. This I guess because the required and available amount of space mentioned in the message matches the real amount.

An other guess is, that it is an old message remained in the program.


Steffen Sindzinski (stesind) said : #4

Ah, ok that was it.

It tries to do 2 backups. One for my profile "nur home" and an other "default". I saw the logs. The last one is for default. And the old one is for "nur home".

How is the behavior? If I have only one profile it should only use this and not a default. Maybe the profile is not loaded correctly in the start.

I would expect the following behavior:
- only one active profile: this should be loaded as default and executed
- more than one active profile: one after the other should be executed

There should always be a "default" profile, if there is no user defined or the user deletes a profile.

Could you confirm this is a bug?

Hi Steffen,

Here is the bahavior about profiles :
There is always a Default Profile that can't be disabled. The Default profile will always be executed. So if you have only one profile that you want to run, you should set it up in the Default Profile.
Then if you want to do at least 2 types of backups (eg. backup your pictures somewhere else), you should use the Profiles functionality to create another profile.

This is not a bug but maybe the UI could be changed to add the Default profile in the list of profiles and state to the user that this profile can't be disabled nor removed.


Steffen Sindzinski (stesind) said : #6

Ahh ok,

that explains.

Yes, this behavior is not really transparent/self explaining. Maybe sometimes a developer finds the time to change.

Thanks a lot!

Guus Bonnema (abonnema) said : #7

I agree, this one set me off on the wrong foot as well.
Just glad I browsed the existing questions, before submitting a new question!