After upgrading to Jaunty all backups were deleted

Asked by Steffen Sindzinski on 2009-04-28

I created some full an incremetial backups on a external USB drive with NSSBackup. After upgrading I wanted to recover some data with NSSBackup Restore but now available backups were shown. I checked my drive and found that all of my backups (folders were renamed in incorrect) were marked as incorrect and the files in the backap folder were deleted. My old SBackup files are not deleted. Before upgrading I checked that my backups are valid with using NSSBackup Restore but not restoring. My backups were shown.

Could you explain this behavior?

If a backup is recognized by NSSBackup as incorrect, would it delete these backup files?

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couldn't be a trick of the USB? Did you had a glance in the USB trash?

Steffen Sindzinski (stesind) said : #2

I am actually searching for the reason:

Either something deleted my backup files and not the folders and nssbackup marked the folders as corrupt because it did not find any files.

Or nssbackup failed to read the files and deleted these.

My backup drive is an external 1TByte Ext3 drive. I could recover the missing files with ext3grep afterwards.

The last backup was immediately before upgrading to Jaunty and I checked this. After upgrading I unfortunately did not check if the files still exist and started nssbackup restore instead. Then in restore no backups available appeared I saw that no bakup files exists in the drive. Just the to "incorrect" renamed folders.

My older sbackup folders in the same general folder are untouched, means that they have their files.

So my question,

Does nssbackup ever delete backup files if it could not read these?

Steffen Sindzinski (stesind) said : #3