euca-run-instances does not respond anything

Asked by Hisaki Ohara

When I executed euca-run-instances, I could not get any response.
I followed the instruction in with the following exceptions:
 - I see a stacktrace on 'bin/nova-manage ${NOVA_MANAGE_ARGS} vpn list' due to
  "nova.exception.NotFound: project network data has not been set"
 - For the installation of libvirt-0.7.7, I should use "./configure --with-python --without-storage-disk ",
  because ped_device_* functions are undefined references, resulting in compile error.

My base environment is Ubuntu server 10.04 x86_64 edition.

The following is the output log from nova-api:
Sun, 12 Sep 2010 10:25:50 GMT
DEBUG:boto:Method: GET
DEBUG:boto:Path: /_images/
DEBUG:boto:Headers: {'Date': 'Sun, 12 Sep 2010 10:25:50 GMT', 'Content-Length': '0', 'Authorization': 'AWS fd1bad5d-8900-4b3a-ac33-16c1e005c978:myproj:3ilCAlhDw9LCGrrJHecrQZrfy4Y=', 'User-Agent': 'Boto/1.9b (linux2)'}
DEBUG:boto:establishing HTTP connection
DEBUG:root:Going to run instances...


According to 'print' debug, it seems to be blocked at yield sentence in
line 529 of nova/endpoint/

    def _get_network_topic(self, context):
        """Retrieves the network host for a project"""
        host = network_service.get_host_for_project(
        if not host:
            host = yield,
                                    {"method": "set_network_host",
                                     "args": {"user_id":,
        defer.returnValue('%s.%s' %(FLAGS.network_topic, host))

I imagine that the lack of project network data is related with my issue.
But I don't know what is wrong in my configuration.
Is the success of "node-manage vpn list" mandatory?
If so, could anyone tell me how vpn configuration (client.ovpn.template file?) should be created?

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Ryan Lucio
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Best Ryan Lucio (rlucio) said :

The directions you used are out of date.

Two things (at least) need to change:

1) All of the network args have changed. s/simple/flat/g (...the flags are all prefixed with 'flat' now, not 'simple').

2) The networking code is now contained in a separate service, nova/bin/nova-network. You need to pass it all of the network args when you start it.

You can find some other installation perspectives here:

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Ryan Lucio (rlucio) said :

Oh and the error in the 'nova-manage vpn list' cmd I believe is a bug; the vpn is no longer setup by the nova-manage code IIRC.

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Hisaki Ohara (hisaki) said :

Thanks a lot for your replies.
Two things your pointed out does work! I could launch instances in flat network mode.

As for 'node-manage vpn list', I agree. I don't see that the execution path of node-manage has the call of vpn creation.

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Hisaki Ohara (hisaki) said :

Thanks Ryan Lucio, that solved my question.