How to change Notify-osd position ?

Asked by Oytun on 2009-08-20

I need to change notify-osd position. How to change position to bottom right ?

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Oytun (oytunistrator) said : #1

I'm using ubuntu jaunty but i cant change notifications.

Mirco Müller (macslow) said : #2

You can't. It's fixed to the top right corner of the screen.

Oytun (oytunistrator) said : #3

Thanks. I'm wait a new versiyon.

Oh, great. Karmic has a new version of notify-osd, only with east gravity instead of north-east like before. And you *still* can't configure the damn thing. (I liked the NE gravity better, if you didn't guess.)

There are *many* things about notify-osd that desperately NEED to be configurable, not just the gravity. The duration (for slow readers), the opacity, bg color, fg color (or reading impaired), point size (for old folks like me).

and once the (actually quite useful) damn thing IS configurable, make the configuration widget / menu item / gconf names ==>> DISCOVERABLE <<==. The name "notify-osd" is gob-smackingly impressive camoflage (i.e. not discoverable).

vishy (vishwanath-tk) said : #5

I did an upstream update of notify-osd (r386, version 0.9.19). After upgrade, the notification position changed from top right corner to middle right corner. Is there a way to change this position ?

Oytun (oytunistrator) said : #6

I installed ubuntu 9.10 karmic other machine and maked updates. I saw, fix the problem. I change position but i generaly use ubuntu 9.04 I need your development repos for update this package.


Mirco Müller (macslow) said : #7

With notify-osd 0.9.20 an integer gconf-key has been introduced called "/apps/notify-osd/gravity", which is monitored by notify-osd. This can be use to switch between NorthEast (top right) and East (vertically centered at right of screen) positions. Use in integer value of 1 for NorthEast and 2 for East gravity. Once changed the new positioning will be used by the next notification-bubble showing up.

vishy (vishwanath-tk) said : #8


On Thu, Sep 3, 2009 at 4:56 PM, Mirco Müller <
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> With notify-osd 0.9.20 an integer gconf-key has been introduced called
> "/apps/notify-osd/gravity", which is monitored by notify-osd. This can
> be use to switch between NorthEast (top right) and East (vertically
> centered at right of screen) positions. Use in integer value of 1 for
> NorthEast and 2 for East gravity. Once changed the new positioning will
> be used by the next notification-bubble showing up.
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vishy (vishwanath-tk) said : #9

There is no gconf schema file in the source. I am not able to see the gconf-key "/apps/notify-osd/gravity"


Lunis Neko (lunis) said : #10

Why is it that the developers believe that they know what's best for the users? Too often it seems the reply to this question is simply "it's perfect like it is, stop complaining" but for me, reading the latest dent or tweet, the latest facebook update, the highlight from my irc channel, or the last IM I got is impossible because the damn thing disappears too quickly. Notify-OSD is nice, but it needs configuration. Why is it that they only added one other gravity? Why not give us all 9 gravities until someone has the time to give actual pixel or percentage positions? It just doesn't make sense :(

Ed: by 9 gravities I mean N, NE, E, SE, S, SW, W, NW, and center.

@Micro Müller:

I can't find the gconf-key to set gravity either (as vishy pointed out). And please please please change the gravity to the previous value like on Jaunty. The new down-shifted position is just extremely ugly.

I would also favor a more configurable version of notify-osd. I never understood why you can't click notify-osd away or neither click on any links that appear in there. If you take a look at the growl notifications from MacOS which obviously served as an inspiration for notify-osd, you'll find both clickable content as well an "X" to close the notification quickly.


tuwe (tuwe) said : #12

@Adrian: gconftool-2 --set /apps/notify-osd/gravity --type int 1 sets gravity to NE. (Found on, Comment by: jpf on Fri, 25 Sep 2009 12:44:45 +0000)

Brendan_P (brendan-p) said : #13

Some more info, there now two slots, the top slot is reserved for the likes of volume etc, the second, below it, is for other notifications... not sure I like this.

My thoughts are;
a) Like the idea of vol, brightness and other system notifications given position preference
b) Don't like that even if there is no system notification, other notifications are in affect "one slot down", with NE gravity it just looks odd.
c) Perhaps a compromise of; If no system notification then take slot 1 if there is take slot 2. If system notification comes up while other notification is still displayed it should knock it back to slot 2.

My 2 cents worth :)


dustigroove (dustigroove) said : #14

Just would like to add my $0.02 to Brendan's... having all notifications appear in Slot 1 if there is no existing system notification occupying that slot just makes logical sense.

To add an additional $0.02 and bring our grand total to a whopping 6 pennies... IMHO Slot 1 should be the space nearest the primary panel, even if that panel is not at the top.

An example for my second point...

Netbooks have become an attractive alternative to a full-blown laptop device. The price-point is ludicrously low and the hardware fairly capable. I myself primarily use a netbook for my university classes due to desktop space constraints in the classrooms. Point summarized and made; there's a metric butt-ton of devices with minimal screen real estate out there. The easiest way to reclaim vertical space under an Ubuntu/GNOME desktop system is kill off one (or both) panels.

Now, if you have no top panel having a notification anchored to nothing looks pretty silly, and with the current Slot 2 notification system, having a notification anchored to nothing and appearing about 70% up the screen in an area that application windows are likely to reside looks even more awkward and becomes distracting.

Just some additional pennies on the topic...

Alexander Skiba (ghostlyrics) said : #15

I use a dual monitor setup here and it's extremely annoying to have the notifications pop up at the second slot if there's for example a song change/dropbox update/whatever. I can only agree to the other commenters that it should immediately set back up and use the first slot if there's nothing else in the primary slot.

As a second point I've yet not figured out why it is still not configurable. There are similar ideas for Mac (for a long time) and Win (Snarl, if you didn't know) that are configruable without any problems.

everythingsround (pclawler) said : #16

I can't wait for the notify-osd is more configurable. If anyone stumbles upon this like I did:

Using 9.10, there appears to be no /apps/notify-osd/gravity created, as suggested you can use:
gconftool-2 --set /apps/notify-osd/gravity --type int 1
and play around with that for positioning.

If it helps, I also found that with the help of compiz's fade plugin (already has values in gconf)...

Where you can set the time from the default 100 up to 5000
screenshot( of other options; visual_bell, unresponsive_brightness etc.

using the window_match with the value
any & !(title=notify-osd)
seems like there may be more you can use compiz for in order to maintain notify-osd until the usability gets more configurable through development which appears to be headed in the right track:

I made two patches with add NORTH_WEST and WEST positions to notify-osd. If someone else also wants this, check

Oytun (oytunistrator) said : #18

Thanks my problem is fixed on Xubuntu 12.04.