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Asked by virusmoere on 2009-03-25


is there any possibility to change the position of the notify-box? currently it is on my right monitor (twinview) but i want it on the left monitor under the panel ;-)


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Not currently but it fades away if you put the mouse over it.

Derek White (d-man97) said : #2

This is going to be an issue, 9.04 RC still has no way to move it. Something as common as 2 monitors should be able to support it. virusmoere, maybe you should add this feature (moving the position of the notify-osd bubbles) as a Wishlist?

Oh, great. Karmic has a new version of notify-osd, only with east gravity instead of north-east like before. And you *still* can't configure the damn thing. (I liked the NE gravity better, if you didn't guess.)

There are *many* things about notify-osd that desperately NEED to be configurable, not just the gravity. The duration (for slow readers), the opacity, bg color, fg color (or reading impaired), point size (for old folks like me).

and once the (actually quite useful) damn thing IS configurable, make the configuration widget / menu item / gconf names ==>> DISCOVERABLE <<==. The name "notify-osd" is gob-smackingly impressive camoflage (i.e. not discoverable).

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