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Asked by dz111222 on 2014-02-15

Can Nitroshare be installed in a Windows server 2003 ?.
If that is the case , is the folder that recieves files shared by all the users that are signed into the server or each user has its unique recieving folder ?
Thank you.
Side note: I started Nitroshare at home and love it !

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Nathan Osman
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Nathan Osman (george-edison55) said : #1

You should have no difficulty installing NitroShare on Windows Server. Unfortunately, at this point NitroShare is a single-user application, so only a single instance can be running at any given time (this is a limitation of the XML RPC code).

That being said, you could easily create a folder that is accessible by all users on the server and have NitroShare use that for receiving files. The folder would need to be readable by everyone and writable by the user that NitroShare is running under.

dz111222 (dz111222) said : #2

Thank you for your prompt response, I understood most of the answer but need a clarification.
''writable by the user that NitroShare is running under'', does this mean the user that is on a computer client and sends files to the server ? Thanks again

Best Nathan Osman (george-edison55) said : #3

No, in that case I was referring to the user account on the server that NitroShare is running under.

dz111222 (dz111222) said : #4

Thanks Nathan Osman, that solved my question.