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Asked by John Smith on 2012-11-17

Is there a way to change ShareBox widget graphic or make it somehow smaller? I couldn't find any image files in nitroshare program files. I don't like the way it looks on my clean desktop. It is too much stylized. It would be nicer if it was simpler, smaller with symbolic monochrome icon or no icon at all and without any gradients, borders, etc.
Quick mockup:

Clicking show desktop makes it disappear, when I click tray icon nothing happens (doesn't reappear).

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Nathan Osman
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Best Nathan Osman (george-edison55) said : #1

Thank you for those ideas! At this point in time, I am in the process of making some drastic changes to the networking code in NitroShare - I am planning to rewrite the desktop interface afterwards, at which point I will take your suggestions into consideration.

Also, to answer your question about the location of the image - it's actually embedded in the application itself, so the only way to modify the image would be to recompile the application's source code.

John Smith (ovdjesam) said : #2

Thanks Nathan Osman, that solved my question.

Mateo Salta (mateo-salta) said : #3

I like the second one John, especially the idea of having the NitroShare Icon for the "Select Machine" box.

Nathan Is the desktop interface going to be completely different (i.e. futile to introduce changes now) or can I work on some of these options, like a "No Effects" option.

Nathan Osman (george-edison55) said : #4

My focus in the next update is a lot of the networking code. The interface will probably see some changes as well, but that's not a priority at the moment. Feel free to work on options though. Any changes I do make will still benefit from them.

Mateo Salta (mateo-salta) said : #5

Ok, Here is a trial of some of the design features (running on the program) you suggested John,

Now, this is still less then ideal, because to get a different look you would need to recompile the program (lot of work on your part),
Or we would need to add them as alternatives in the program and code new settings for that, (lot of work on our part).

So, I think another solution might be better, Nathan - I've been thinking about having NitroShare Copy the share-box pictures over to a user directory ( checking if they exist, so they are not written over every time it loads) then loading the images form there, That way anyone who wants to do some customizing can choose their own images, even match them to their own theme.

Mateo Salta (mateo-salta) said : #6

John, I made changes and put them on a PPA, , So In this version nitroshare copies over the sharebox, and computer icon pictures so to ".nitroshare" in the home folder (show hidden folders) So If you install nitroshare from there you can modify the look of the sharebox and icons. Deleting the pictures will restore the old ones when you restart nitroshare.

Mateo Salta (mateo-salta) said : #7

oh, sorry about that, the ppa is using the development branch, so It dosn't really work...