Can you make the settings password protected?

Asked by Jonny McGuigan on 2012-08-29

I'd like to stop people from changing the settings I set for the application, and would like to if possible password protect the settings part of the app, but allow all users to use it to send files, is this possible / could you code this?


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Nathan Osman (george-edison55) said : #1

Unfortunately, adding such a feature would be very difficult. In its current form, NitroShare maintains separate settings for each user, so your existing settings should remain intact as long as nobody else can log into your account. If multiple users are using your account, you can change the ownership of '~/.config/Nathan Osman/NitroShare.conf' to prevent permanent modifications to the settings, although users will still be able to change the settings for the current session.

in terms of using this on a mac, would the same apply; effectively, I'm trying to load the software onto some edit machines, so we can transfer video files - and my users are notorious for trying to change settings, I know I can hide the Icon in the menu, but I'm keen to try and make sure its as locked down as possible! :-)

Nathan Osman (george-edison55) said : #3

As long as you use a separate account, none of the users will be able to change each other's settings.

The machines have one user, which remains logged in all the time; the issue comes when people try to fiddle with the settings. I know that it doesn't seem that important but if there was a way to lock the ability for a standard user to change the settings (like in the Apple System Configuration with a padlock, which requires admin login) - that would make my deployment so much easier?



Nathan Osman (george-edison55) said : #5

In that case, I would suggest changing the ownership of the settings file itself, thereby preventing any permanent change (if someone does change the settings, you can just log off and then log back on to reset them - or even just restart NitroShare).

Sadly, I don't have a Mac so I don't know too much about how this would work exactly. I'm not sure where exactly the settings are stored but you can try searching for a file named "NitroShare.conf" (the configuration filename on Linux). Once you've found the settings file, it seems like you need to run something like this:

sudo chown root:admin "filename_of_settings.conf"

This will make the administrator the owner of the file and will prevent all other users from being able to change it.

Mateo Salta (mateo-salta) said : #6

That would be interesting, I think It could be done with the mac prefence pane, and moving all the settings to that area of the mac, then it would use the built in mac system.

Can you post this as an "enhancement" request on since that is where the localization and development of NitroShare-Mac is. I'm doing some preliminary research to see where it takes me, It looks like it has to be coded from scratch, and I'm not sure how to link the functions to the program yet...

Mateo Salta (mateo-salta) said : #7

Oh, I think the settings file on mac ( locations found here ) is in `~/Library/Preferences/com.quickmediasolutions.NitroShare.plist` "~/" being your home or username folder.

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