Plugin like Celestia ?

Asked by Matthieu Gaudé on 2012-12-13

The demo of Nightshade 12 is very amazing.
I dont know how the plugins will be implemented but it would be easy to use if it's like Celestia. We can add a plugin in a folder.
This is the reason that the Celestia community is dynamic.
Add a star and second or third solar system (far, far away) with a modification to explain something specificaly.
It would be possible ?

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Trystan (trystan) said : #1

Hi Matthieu, we are planning extensive scripting capabilities that will allow user add-ons. This will likely come in two flavors. First, there's the Stratoscript interface that provides backwards compatibility with older versions of Nightshade. This is a simple batch language that allows for scripted planetarium shows and such. Nightshade 12 integrates the Lua scripting language, which can expose greater control since it supports flow control and even objects/classes to a degree.

Exactly how these will be leveraged to integrate user add-ons/plug-ins remains to be defined. The first preview release (out in a week or two) will not support user add-ons but later releases will. If you have specific feature requests, I'd be interested to hear and discuss them. Being able to define another solar system is something we've already discussed internally and hope to support in future releases.

Hi Trystan,
Thanks for your response.
Sorry for my bad english, I'm french like Lionel (I use the LSS version of Nightshade in Lyon/France) and I was'nt a good student in english class ;-)

I'm using Lua scripting a little in Celestia, there are lot of possibilities to control the software, that is a good choice for Nightshade developpement.
My question was about the capability of Nightshade 12 and beyond to be transformed for display what we want into the dome.
I'm using Celestia into the planetarium despite there are not any fisheye projection because I can enrich the existing universe with my creation (another solar system with ten earth to compare our planet with the other planets in close view, a lot of sun to compare with the other stars, a space station like 2001Odyssey to tell about the futur...).
If your roadmap integrate this feature, the community of users will be create some greats addons like Celestia motherlode ! ;)
In any case, I'm very exciting to use the next version of Nighshade, Evans & Sutherland will be jaelous !!

Best regards

Trystan (trystan) said : #3

Sorry for the delayed response, buried in e-mail ;) Anyway, fisheye projection is disabled for the first release, PR-1, but will be enabled for following releases. See our software roadmap at for a list of features and when we expect to release them.

We are also planning to support mirror warping, which is being sponsored by Discovery Dome.

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