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Asked by Ian Clarke on 2011-03-09

I am interested in using Nightshade as astronomy presentation software on a flat screen. I have used Starry Night and Stellarium, but I am really attracted by the flexibility of Nightshade's scripting capabilities.

The question is, can I configure the viewport to something that would fill a standard display? If I set "viewport = maximized" I get a square with a max dimension equal to the height of the display. Is there a way to configure Nightshade to make full use of a rectangular display? Perhaps in config.ini or distortion.dat? I am running it on Ubuntu 10.10.

Help pointing me in the right direction would be appreciated. Or if this is simply not something Nightshade is suited to, I would like to know that too.

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Rob Spearman
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Ian Clarke (jgothar) said : #1

Just to clarify, I know Stellarium has a scripting engine too, and in the end maybe that's the way to go, but compared to Stratoscript, the learning curve looks pretty daunting for me.

Under [projection] you can set "type = stereographic" in the config.ini file to get a perspective type view.

Yes, the other Stellarium developers just didn't understand that normal people don't want to learn how to program just to write simple scripts. That was the last straw for me and why I left and started the Nightshade project.


Ian Clarke (jgothar) said : #3

Excellent! Thanks for the explanation too.

Ian Clarke (jgothar) said : #4

Thanks Rob Spearman, that solved my question.