Text editor for Nightshade scripts???

Asked by Ryan Tucek on 2011-02-02

We understand that we need to write scripts using a text editor. Although it suggests to use Notepad, we downloaded a Notepad for the MAC OSX and are not sure how to save files in .sts format. Basically we are very "green" at writing scripts and could use some help getting started. If there is any step by step tutorials or youtube videos to watch, we would appreciate it.

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Trystan (trystan) said : #1

There's nothing special about sts files. They're just text files with an extension renamed to .sts rather than .txt. So, when you save the file in the text editor just name it whatever.sts. Make sure your editor doesn't automatically append .txt to that (i.e. whatever.sts.txt is bad).

As to additional help with scripting, check out http://www.nightshadesoftware.org/downloads/stratoscript-commands.pdf.

Ryan Tucek (tucekr) said : #2

Thanks for the quick response. We did try to save a file as .sts in Notepad for MAC but it did the (bad) thing you talked about and saved my file as whatever.sts.txt We also tried to save it with WORD and actually saw the script show up in the Night Shade program on or computer. But when we runt the program it freezes Night Shade and we must force quit. We did open another script from within nightshade in WORD and wrote a simple script to turn on the constellations, in the same format as the other scripts. We then opened a preloaded script in Night Shade and it ran fine. Any suggestions.

Trystan (trystan) said : #3

If you use Word then you need to be sure to save it as a plain text file. If it's a 'doc' file it will not work. I would not recommend using Word for this though.

If your text editor appends .txt then just rename the file manually after you save it. Do a 'slow' double click on the file's label do perform a rename and remove the '.txt'. You can also use Apple's build in text editor 'TextEdit', which will not append a .txt if you provide an extension.

Ryan Tucek (tucekr) said : #4

I found where I can change the text edit program into a .sts file. I had some issues trying to make my own script, so I copied and pasted one of the preset scripts in the text edit and changed a few things and the script runs! Thank you for your help. Now it is time to experiment! Wish me luck