Nightshade Mac won't launch

Asked by Jack Dunn on 2010-11-10

I downloaded the binary product for Intel Mac
Unzipped. Installed it on my hard drive
It is in HD/opt/local/bin

I double clicked the Unix executable

It opened the terminal. However Nightshade didn't run.

Here's what the Terminal says:

"Last login: Thu Feb 2617:16:21
/opt/local/bin/nightshade ; exit;
jack~dunns~macbook~pro:~jackdunn$ /opt/local/bin/nightshade ; exit;
dyid: unknown required load comannd 0x00000022
Trace/BPT trap

(Process completed)"

So, what is missing?. Mac has X11 and is SnowLeopard

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Jack Dunn
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Trystan (trystan) said : #1

Can you provide a bit more information regarding the type of Mac?

Exact version number found under "About this Mac"

Then under More Info, please list the following.

Hardware->Graphics (just need the Chipset Model)

Jack Dunn (jdunn-spacelaser) said : #2

Version 10.5.8

Processor: 2.4 Ghz Intel Core 2 Due

Memory: 4 Gb 667 Mhz DDR2 SDRAM

Could it be you have to be running 10.6 or higher?

Trystan (trystan) said : #3

"Could it be you have to be running 10.6 or higher?"

That's a reasonable speculation. The binary build components were compiled on a 10.6 system. Unfortunately, we don't have a 10.5.x system to test on.

Jack Dunn (jdunn-spacelaser) said : #4

Ok, tested on our planetarium's Mac Pro which is running 10.6 and yes it runs.
So it is the OS.

However, new question.
Is there a way to edit config file to reverse image right to left. We use spherical mirror,
but with added flat mirror to shorten footprint of projection system. That means we the
projection reversed. And would like to have it in the program, so we don't have to
change the projector with menu every time we want to go from a movie file to running
something like Nightshade.

Lionel RUIZ (astro2kpremium) said : #5

Hi Jack!

You are meaning that your videos are reverted when you are building them ?
Why wouldn't you do the contrary.
I mean, reverting the videos instead of reverting the software...

Best regards,

Lionel RUIZ

Jack Dunn (jdunn-spacelaser) said : #6

Actually no. I should post this as a new problem.
Videos are not flipped. They are correct left to right.
I don't want to have to rerender all my videos backwards.

Actually, the projector sits underneath spherical mirror.
Hits flat secondary mirror and then up to spherical mirror.
The setting on the projector is normal (not flipped backwards).
See picture here:
in middle of page on the right.
The easy thing would be to find where in the config file it
mandates this and change it. I also have to change settings for
resolution as when I looked, the resolutions in Nightshade were all
lower than for my projector and it indicates you must change the
config file. Is that file known as "default config" which I could find,
or is it "config file" which I didn't find.

Looks like the flipping feature was disabled a while back because we didn't see the usefulness.

Flipping horizontally and/or vertically is a data projector configuration option.


Jack Dunn (jdunn-spacelaser) said : #8

Except that this is for a permanent installation, not a portable. And let's
say I'm giving a lecture and want to run a fulldome movie clip as well as
running Nightshade. It would mean every time I'd have to get out the
remote and change the setting back and forth to whichever I was doing.
So - is there a change I can make in the config file that will just set it
flipped. I'll never need to change it again.

I'm surprised your videos aren't in the same format as Nightshade. I guess you must have flipped them horizontally when they were created?

There currently is no flipping feature in Nightshade. However, if you add a bug report we will remember to look into this and you will be notified when it is added back in.



Lionel RUIZ (astro2kpremium) said : #10

Concerning the old feature, it wouldn't help sucessfully as it reverted only the images and drawings but not the texts as far as I remember.
And there were bugs also.
But I have to admit that a feature reverting completely the image from left to right would be a good thing for specific projection I use also when putting a big tranlucent sphere on top of the fisheye.

(right image)

Projected that way all must be reversed including text...

Jack Dunn (jdunn-spacelaser) said : #11

To explain, movies are not flipped when created or ever.
NIghtshade apparently assumes you will shoot directly into the spherical mirror so it
reverses left to right as the projection bounces off the mirror to the dome.
I add a step so it doesn't need to be reversed - and mainly it is to get the footprint of
projector and mirror into a smaller space.
From everything I see, for now all one can do is to change the orientation with
projector menu. Thanks.

Ryan Tucek (tucekr) said : #12

I am having the same issue with Nightshade not opening. My problem is the same a Jack's first post. I have a MAC with OC+S 10.6.6 and once it was installed there is no executable file to launch the program. Shouldn't I see the sky appear on my screen like I can when I run my Digitarium? I would like to make scripts but I can't even open the program on my computer. Please help

Trystan (trystan) said : #13

The executable is in /opt/local/bin/. Double click on 'nightshade'.

Ryan Tucek (tucekr) said : #14

Success! I found the executable file! I'm in and off and running.

Ryan Tucek (tucekr) said : #15

Thank you Trystan

Luis Trumper (trumperl) said : #16

I have the same problem with Version 10.5.8. Considering that I can' t update my software (is a Mac Book Pro 2009 and updating software stay that this is the last for my model) is really ask too much that anybody could fix Nightshade for this version? Any advice before buy another Macbook?:)

Trystan (trystan) said : #17

The latest version, 11.2.1, should run on 10.5.8. Is the error you get exactly the same as the one mentioned earlier on this thread?

Trystan (trystan) said : #18

btw, this isn't a PPC mac right? 2009 seems too late but 10.6 is the first version of the OS that won't install on a PPC based Mac. If it is PPC based then Nighshade will not work on it, and since PPC Macs are totally dead going forward it probably never will.

Luis Trumper (trumperl) said : #19

Hi Trystan:

Thanks for your quickly response. This is Last login: Tue Apr 26 23:55:22 on ttys000
/opt/local/bin/nightshade ; exit;
Cosmodome:~ md$ /opt/local/bin/nightshade ; exit;
dyld: unknown required load command 0x80000022
Trace/BPT trap

[Process completed]

Don' t know what is a PPC. Is a Mac Book Pro with a Processor 2.5 Ghz Intel Core 2 Duo


Luis Trumper (trumperl) said : #20

See a little difference, my command is 0x8....... and the other was 0x0....
Don' t know if this mean something different.

Trystan (trystan) said : #21

Interesting. Not sure why the build fails on 10.5.x. However, you should be able to upgrade that machine to 10.6. As far as I know, only PPC (the pre 2006 PowerPC based Macbooks) can not be upgraded to 10.6. So, you don't need a new Mac ;-)

Luis Trumper (trumperl) said : #22

Yes, but only with a CD and I live in Argentina. This cost here USS 70. USS 30 in your country. But ok, I will think about it. If you find other version that run on my system (may be someone older) will be welcome.

Luis Trumper (trumperl) said : #23

Ok finally I upgrade it and now it's ok.
I wonder if is any way to use Nightshade with mirror dome or other warp dome. If I use screencopy I can't see the projection. If I use the warp effect that come with the program they sharp the first display too and navigate is a nightmare (can't understand how people use it). Is any way to fix this?

This is all I've seen on the topic:

One error on this page is that there is no "commercial version" of Celestia. All versions of Celestia are 100% GPL licensed software and free to copy, modify, and distribute under the terms of that license.