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Asked by Rafael on 2016-10-06

When I create a label with Wi-fi Config Record, when touched with my smartphone is not connected to the wifi, shows me as an unknown label. Why?

Thank you

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Stephen Tiedemann
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Thanks for raising this. It appears to be an unfortunate implementation error in Android that was committed about 2 years ago and killed backwards compatibility. A fix was proposed 1y9m ago but committed to master tree only just 9 weeks ago.

Technically the issue is about the Version TLV that had to be contained for the original version of the WPS specification. Since WPS 2.0 this TLV is no longer required (but shouldn't confuse a correct reader implementation).

It should be safe now to remove the legacy Version TLV and that's what I'm going to commit on nfcpy master branch and schedule for the next bugfix release. For the time being you my either use nfcpy master from Github or comment line 95 "write_attribute(f, VERSION1, '\x10')" in nfc/ndef/wifi_record.py.

Rafael (hibara94) said : #2

Thanks Stephen Tiedemann, that solved my question.