Emulation example with pn532 undetected by ACS1252U-A1

Asked by Mikolaj Dobielewski


I am trying to follow the instruction to emulate the FeliCa Plug RC-S926 tag with Adafruit PN532 Breakout Board v1.6 on RPi 3 B and detect it with ACS1252U-A1 connected to my Windows PC, alternatively Android tablet, without any results. The breakout board communicates via UART and is detected properly by libnfc (e.g. nfc-poll with a Mifare Classic works fine), as well as nfcpy.
I use

>>> import nfc
>>> clf = nfc.ContactlessFrontend('ttyAMA0')
>>> sensf_res = bytearray.fromhex('01 03FEFFE011223344 01E0000000FFFF00 12FC')
>>> def on_startup(target):
... target.brty = "212F"; target.sensf_res = sensf_res; return target
>>> clf.connect(card={'on-startup': on_startup})

and try to pick it up with the other reader (seemingly working properly). Nothing happens.

I also tried with the example script

 ~/git/nfcpy/examples/tagtool.py --device tty:AMA0:pn532 emulate tt3

and got

[nfc.clf] searching for reader on path tty:AMA0:pn532
[nfc.clf] using PN532v1.6 at /dev/ttyAMA0
** waiting for a reader **

But the reader didn't pick up a thing.

Is there something I'm missing? Thanks in advance for a reply.

Mikolaj Dobielewski

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Stephen Tiedemann (stephen-tiedemann) said :

To just verify the tag discovery phase you could run "examples/listen.py -d tt3". This will listen for 2.5 seconds (add "-r" to run forever) and show some debug info about the discovery phase. Note that phone behavior varies and you may have to put a tag reader app (like NXP Tag Info) into foreground. With my phone the output is:

67 ms [nfc.clf] searching for reader on path usb
67 ms [nfc.clf.transport] using libusb-1.0.20
68 ms [nfc.clf.transport] path matches '^(usb|)$'
72 ms [nfc.clf.device] loading rcs380 driver for usb:054c:06c1
78 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] firmware version 1.11
78 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] package data format 1.00
79 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] firmware version 1.11
79 ms [nfc.clf] using SONY RC-S380/S NFC Port-100 v1.11 at usb:003:002
80 ms [nfc.clf] listen 2.500 seconds for 212F sensf_res=0102FE010203040506FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF12FC
81 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F wait recv 2500 ms
750 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F rcvd 0600ffff0003
750 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F send 120102fe010203040506ffffffffffffffff
750 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F wait recv 1831 ms
793 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F rcvd 0600ffff0100
793 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F send 140102fe010203040506ffffffffffffffff12fc
794 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F wait recv 1787 ms
816 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F rcvd 0600ffff0100
816 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F send 140102fe010203040506ffffffffffffffff12fc
816 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F wait recv 1764 ms
827 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F rcvd 060012fc0103
827 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F send 140102fe010203040506ffffffffffffffff12fc
827 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F wait recv 1753 ms
839 ms [nfc.clf.rcs380] 212F rcvd 100602fe010203040506010b00018000
840 ms [nfc.clf] >>> 1d0702fe01020304050600000100000000000000000000000000000000 timeout=0
842 ms [nfc.clf] <<< 0.002s
842 ms [nfc.clf] >>> 1d0702fe01020304050600000100000000000000000000000000000000 timeout=1
856 ms [nfc.clf] <<< 0600ffff0100 0.014s
09:06:10 212F sensf_req=0012FC0103 sensf_res=0102FE010203040506FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF12FC tt3_cmd=0602FE010203040506010B00018000

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