Using LibUSB for installing FeliCa NFC-Device on Windows 7 64bit

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FeliCa on win7 64bit
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Using LibUSB for installing FeliCa NFC-Device on Windows 7 64bit

There were some difficulties for some reasons installing the FeliCa NFC-devices on windows 7 64bit.
Therefor this tutorial was created to help you install your FeliCa device.
Just folow the tutorial step by step .
In this case I am installing an FeliCa RC-S330 Device.

Downloading LibUSB:
- For downloading libUSB Visit the link :
- Select the tab libusb-win32-releases
- Select the folder tab with the version
- Download the zip-file

Creating libUSB-Driver for FeliCa-device:
- Extract the zip file after downloading and lunch the “inf-wizard.exe “ in the bin folder
- Before proceeding make sure that the FeliCa-Device is connected to your system
- then select “Next”
- Select the FeliCa device USB
- The Device Configuration should be similar to the following:
            o Vendor ID: 0x054C
            o Product ID: 0x02E1
            o Manufacturer Name: Sony Corp.
            o Device Name for example: FeliCa_USBDevice
- Clock on “Next” and save the Driver file in folder , where you can find it in the feutrure when it needed

Configuration of the FeliCa-device:
- Open the Device Manager on your system
- Select the undefined USB FeliCa-Device and open the Properties window by double-clicking the USB device
- Select the tab “Driver” and Update the Driver. Select “Browse my computer for driver software”
- Select “Let me pick from a list…” and Use the driver ,wich we have created (Example: FeliCa_USBDevice.inf)
- In this screen-shot we can see that the driver for the FeliCa-Device is properlly installed