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Asked by Andy Scott on 2010-11-08

Can & how do I move from Mutter to compiz in maverick 10.10 netbook remix

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You can't, it is proposed for Natty but right now Unity needs mutter

Andy Scott (andy-scott14) said : #2

OK thanks, am I right in thinking no compiz will work with mutter

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You can't, it is proposed for Natty but right now Unity needs mutter

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Andy Scott (andy-scott14) said : #4

Thanks Sam, I'll wait for Natty :)

Sam_ (and-sam) said : #5

Bleeding edge just in for Natty ;-)
PPA for compiz based unity

Andy Scott (andy-scott14) said : #6

Thanks for the update :)

Andy Scott (andy-scott14) said : #7


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