10.10 without zeitegeist and clutter

Asked by futurefx on 2010-09-18

Please allow install without that zeitgeist thing and can anyone tell what means failed to create drawable, Nautilus wont run because of this drawable?.

Please keep Nautilus Elementary minimal and fast and allow run it without 3d cards and do not force some indexed search, thank you..

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Best ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said : #1


You can compile nautilus-elementary and choose if you want to enable clutter support or not. Just after the autogen.sh or the configure you should see if clutter is activated or not. (activated if clutter libs are installed).

"Please keep Nautilus Elementary minimal and fast"
The clutterview and the zeitgeist search engine has no impact on nautilus-elementary performances. Clutter is used only when you use clutterview same goes for a search.

"do not force some indexed search, thank you.."
Indexing technologies such as tracker and now zeigeist are arround for years, the sad thing is that not so many applications use it. And theses indexing technologies are still absent from the desktop. Nautilus-elementary try to reinvent the search with this new zeitgeist search engine. The zeitgeist searches are almost instant. It's still a work in progress and the design is not yet achieved. I think zeitgeist can offer something new and light (performance speaking) on the desktop. There's already many tools out there for traditional search like gnome-search-tool, catfish, stock nautilus etc ... Maybe later users would have the choice to configure the engine they want : zeitgeist / tracker / or the simple search, but for the moment i am porting my efforts into this new search engine.

futurefx (force) said : #2

Thanks for answering, i am glad to hear that zeigeist is minimal (i have long fear of indexers eats performance), and maybe it was ubuntu daily fault that NautilusE did not run and terminal showed: failed to create drawable. I wait till 10.10 RC and test again then.

futurefx (force) said : #3

Thanks ammonkey, that solved my question.

@ammonkey: Zeitgeist is great AND very performant, but I think you really should offer 2 ways to search for files. One with an indexed search and another with the good old find command, because most of the time find is all I want. I've been using find in the terminal 2 times today, because nautilus couldn't find what I was looking for trough zeitgeist. That's a big problem of zeitgeist yet: It just indexes recently used files. I know that they are working on some more features, but until then it won't find anything. And I mean it.

An example: I have a big music collection, but zeitgeist will never find it, because I do not look for them with nautilus and double-click them to play it. I use (like everyone else) Rhythmbox or Banshee or whatever... So no chance finding those things.
That's just one example. I could go on if I wanted.

Don't get me wrong: I love that you guys are working on the zeitgeist search, but it would be great if you could offer to switch back to the old find command, OR: use them both, by splitting the screen for example. On the top are the recently used objects which are served quick and at the bottom are all files which need some time to be found, but that's okay :D

Zeitgeist is just not ready yet, because of the lack of data served.

futurefx (force) said : #5

i noticed it too that search is useless and secondary there is security concern that i cannot clean history with Activity journal and all my Truerypt filenames had visible. Maybe still best is to make zeitgest optional for those who want it.

futurefx (force) said : #6

Dont get me wrong Activity Journal is good sometimes that it will register recent files but how to clean them that is serious thing and there should be possibility to choose which folders or drives Zeitgeist indexes. Gnome search is currently old fashioned best searcer. As for speed Zeitgeist is very fast and do not cause slowness like those terrible KDE Akonadi horrors.

ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said : #7

adding back the old legacy search is part of the plan too in case zeitgeist search results are not enough. We have to find a smart way to implement this. The zeitgeist search engine of nautilus-elementary is far from finished yet.

@futurefx there's an option in zeitgeist to blacklist some directories. You may want to ask #zeitgeist folks on freenode about this.

ammonkey (am-monkeyd) said : #8

@Ruben Grimm

"An example: I have a big music collection"
This is a really bad exemple you've choosen here. The files indexed by zeitgeist depend on the dataprovider you installed.
If you want to index music you've listened in rhythmbox then install the rhythmbox dataprovider.

"So no chance finding those things."
indeed there no chance of finding stuff if you don't install the dataprovider of the applications you re using everyday.

zeitgeist dataproviders:

Thanks for the link! I just didn't know, that there were so many dataprovider-plugins for applications out there. Could have found those things. Sorry for that...

futurefx (force) said : #10

maybe drop zeitgeist out of NE until it is 100% complete then i dont even have to install zeitgeist libraries and activity journal.

I initially comment the Ruben Grimm's question. So I post my comment here too.

I have some disagreements with Zeitgeist search.

I could add some notices too.

If I switch to search tool in a specific directory, I find ugly to see results from another locations (potentially from any path in the system ?). If I'm in a video file directory, and if I search some files here, I'll expect to see video file as result, and not pictures, script, deb files... from anywhere in my HD. So It would be great to filter the result with the actual directory and sub-directory.

I think the time filter is a bit limited due to the longer time is 6 months. It would be clever to give possibility to inactivate the time filter to see all the result and older files (or may be the indexation is limited to 6 month ?).

And I don't really understand the thing with the data-provider-plugins. I talk about zeitgeist return results of files indexed by rythmbox, but if I don't use Rythmbox and I use a non-indexed based player (like Smplayer), what I have to do to get as result simply all the files present in a given location ?

May be Zeitgeist is interesting, but not by default I think. I, personally, hugely prefer standard search tool.


Massimo Mund (qos) said : #12

Is it right, that virtual folders are gone in nautilus elementary on maverick because of the new search engine? zeitgeist, right? ;)

nautilus elementary for lucid still loads my virtual folders, the maverick version does crash all the time -.-